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Weather forecasters always second-guessed after big snowstorms
March 13, 2017 “People's brains only remember the biggest number,” Mr. McMullen, the warning coordination meteorologist at the National Weather Service Pittsburgh, said Monday in his office in Moon. “They might hear a bunch of different forecasts about the storm - 1 ...
A look back at the 5 biggest March snowstorms to hit NYC
March 13, 2017 STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- With forecasters calling for a blizzard to hit New York City Monday night through Wednesday, here's a look back at 5 of the largest snowstorms to hit the area in the month of March, according to the National Weather Service.
Looking back at Philly's two biggest March snowstorms: 1993 and 1958
March 13, 2017 March 13, 1993, certainly was one of the most-disruptive days in Philadelphia's weather history, and throughout the entire Eastern seaboard.
A look back: DC's biggest March snowstorms
March 11, 2017 As the forecast of winter weather looms, WTOP's Dave Dildine highlights the most-memorable snowstorms to strike the D.C. region during the month of March. A late-season snowfall coats blooming cherry trees in Northwest Washington on March 25, 2014.
Big Snowstorms Are Quite Bad For Men's Hearts, Hospital Records Show
February 13, 2017 Canadian researchers looked at more than 120,000 hospital admissions and 65,000 deaths related to a heart attack that took place in Quebec from 1981 and 2014, specifically between the months November to April, when snow was likely to fall.
Why Snowstorms Are Bad for Your Heart
February 13, 2017 Take caution when shoveling yourself out of a fresh snowstorm: A new study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal finds that days following heavy snowfall carry a higher risk of heart attack for men. The study backs up what's long been ...
Oklahoma airports recovering from February snowstorms
March 14, 2011 In addition to winter weather, which caused the airport to close for 20 hours, the loss of Frontier Airlines' flights to Orlando and Tampa, Fla. (which were going strong in 2010) contributed to the decline, said Karen Carney, spokeswoman at Will Rogers ...
Weather Gone Wild (from historic snowstorms to category 5 hurricanes)
February 2, 2011 The weather bureau predicted it would be the strongest ever to hit Australia, Sky TV reported. "All aspects of this cyclone are going to be terrifying and ...
CHICAGO BLIZZARD 2011: The 15 WORST Movie Snowstorms!
February 1, 2011 #SNOWMG is heading towards Chicago. The big blizzard of 2011 is expected to dump up to 20" of snow on the city, with even higher amounts possible. ...
1967 Chicago blizzard is the benchmark for all major snowstorms
January 31, 2011 ... hit the Chicago area this week will live up to its billing, all major storms are compared to the record blizzard that paralyzed the area 44 years ago. ...
Atlanta socked by snowstorms
January 12, 2011 Drivers also can call 511 or go to www.georgia-navigator.com for road updates and check conditions of interstates and state highways. ...
Snow ice cream recipes: Winter snowstorms prompt easy snow recipes for kids
January 10, 2011 With the impending east coast snowstorm headed toward Rhode Island tomorrow, Jan 11, 2011, it's no surprise "Snow Ice Cream Recipes" are trending on Google ...
MassDOT driving tips for snowstorms
December 27, 2010 TAKE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION WHEN POSSIBLE: For more information, travel alerts and updates during the storm MBTA customers should visit www.mbta.com. ...
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