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The Daily 202: Secrecy backfires on Mitch McConnell as Senate health-care bill teeters
June 28, 2017 With Breanne Deppisch and Joanie Greve. THE BIG IDEA: Mitch McConnell miscalculated. The Senate majority leader believed that the blowback for keeping his health-care bill secret would be less than the blowback for negotiating it in public.
Neal Katyal: Senate's Obstruction of Merrick Garland 'Was Unforgivable'
June 27, 2017 Senate Republicans, under the leadership of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, refused to hold a hearing to consider him, let alone schedule a vote.
Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell will delay vote on healthcare - report
June 27, 2017 McConnell has decided he doesn't have the vote and told Republican colleagues he will delay the healthcare vote until after the July 4 recess.
Mitch McConnell is forced to delay vote on Senate GOP health-care bill as several members oppose plan
June 27, 2017 Senate Republicans will delay a vote on their Obamacare replacement bill until after July 4, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday, as the party faces opposition from enough GOP members to block the measure. The move marks a setback for ...
Delaying the Senate health care vote likely won't solve the problem
June 27, 2017 McConnell knows this. This delay in the heath care vote -- or, more accurately at the moment, a delay in a decision not to hold a vote -- will likely accomplish very little other than to block up any and all other legislative action on matters not ...
Breaking Down the Senate Health-Care Bill, Supreme Court Rulings & More
June 27, 2017 James O'Keeffe and his video warriors at Project Veritas have stung CNN: Hot on the heels of its bogus story about alleged collusion between Russian officials and Trump buddy Anthony Scaramucci, CNN producer John Bonifield is caught on tape admitting ...
Supreme Court, Senate, Narendra Modi: Your Monday Evening Briefing
June 26, 2017 The court allowed the ban to go into effect for people from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen who do not already have ties to the U.S.
CNN Repeats Fake News: Senate Bill Cuts Medicaid
June 26, 2017 On Monday's New Day, co-host Chris Cuomo confidently proclaimed that the Trump administration is lying about the GOP health care bill: “It comes as the Trump administration vows there won't be any cuts to Medicaid.
Sanders urges Capito to vote against Senate health care bill
June 25, 2017 Sen. Bernie Sanders urged fellow Sen. Shelley Moore Capito to vote against the health care bill proposed by the Senate, calling it "barbaric and immoral.
2200 gather at Bernie Sanders rally to oppose Senate health care bill
June 25, 2017 Bernie Sanders led a Columbus rally - part of a three-city bus tour organized by advocacy group Moveon.org - to voice opposition to the recently unveiled Republican-backed Senate healthcare bill which critics say would cut key components of Obamacare.
Bernie Sanders to rally against Senate health bill in Pittsburgh
June 24, 2017 Bernie Sanders is traveling to Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia this weekend to urge fellow senators to oppose Senate health care legislation and retain the Affordable Care Act.
How the Senate GOP health bill differs from the House bill and Obamacare
June 24, 2017 Senate Republicans unveiled a "discussion draft" of their version of health care reform legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare Thursday morning, after setting aside the version of the bill the House passed last month. With only a slim Republican ...
'The Problem Is the Senate Screwed Up.' House Stalls Russia-Iran Sanctions Bill
June 24, 2017 (WASHINGTON) - House Republicans are stalling a hugely popular bill to slap Iran and Russia with economic sanctions over a procedural issue that they're blaming the Senate for creating.
Biden rips Senate GOP healthcare bill, says it 'isn't about healthcare'
June 23, 2017 ... and replace ObamaCare in a slew of tweets on Friday. “The Senate health bill isn't about health care at all—it's a wealth transfer: slashes care to fund tax cuts for the wealthy & corporations,” Biden said about the Republican legislation unveiled ...
Meadows: Senate bill lacks conservative support to pass House
June 23, 2017 House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) said the Senate healthcare reform legislation doesn't have enough conservative support to pass the House, should it get that far. A spokesman for the conservative leader, who played a role in ...
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