From Prometheus to Resurrection to Alien Covenant: the Alien story so far
May 3, 2017 In space, no one can hear you scream - even if you're screaming in frustration because the ins and stomach-bursting outs of Xenomorph history are leaving you feeling supremely confused.
Pope on Easter Monday: Proclaim Resurrection Message of Joy and Hope
April 17, 2017 VATICAN CITY - On Easter Monday, Pope Francis said it is Christ's resurrection that calls each of us to bring the message of Easter - a message of hope and life - to the world.
In violent hot spot, Washington parishioner finds hope of the Resurrection
April 17, 2017 Margie Legowski, a member of Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Washington's, poses for a Palm Sunday photo April 9 with children from Holy Trinity's sister parish, Maria Madre de los Pobres Church in San Salvador, El Salvador.
Signs of hope and resurrection come from beyond, everyday life
April 17, 2017 Several readers responded to our request for stories of hope and resurrection to be published in today's Easter Sunday Tribune with anecdotes about good times and bad, of plunges into darkness and flights to redemption.
Why Your View of the Resurrection Affects Your View of Everything Else
April 17, 2017 By contrast, the Resurrection of Jesus is denied by so many people in our own day—no amount of evidence seems to suffice.
Bright Week Follows Resurrection of Christ - - Sofia ...
April 17, 2017 The second day of the Resurrection of Christ marks the beginning of the Bright Week or Renewal Week in Orthodox Christianity. The week is called bright ...
Bad News of Resurrection
April 17, 2017 We say Jesus' resurrection is good news. It wasn't good news for the disciples on the first Easter. More like perplexing, bewildering news.
"Underground"; the death and resurrection of Jesus play production
April 16, 2017 MERIDIAN, Miss (WTOK)--- Hundreds of people showed up to the Temple Theater in Meridian, Easter Sunday. Freedom Rock Christian Fellowship presented the “Underground” play production.
Early Easter service in Colorado Springs likens sunrise to resurrection
April 16, 2017 Holtzman reminded the crowded that Jesus died for them before his resurrection. "We celebrate the fact that over 2,000 years ago, Jesus was sent by his heavenly Father to live on Earth, breathing the very air you and I are breathing here today," he ...
Parishioners commemorate resurrection of Jesus Christ during Easter services in Whitefish Bay
April 16, 2017 WHITEFISH BAY - Dozens celebrated Easter on Sunday, April 16th at St. Monica Parish, commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Rina Ramos: Why I celebrate Resurrection Sunday
April 16, 2017 All over the world, people love to celebrate. In America, we have tons of great holidays. Lots of people like Halloween because of the fun of dressing up or they like Christmas because of the gifts.
Three Ways the Resurrection of Jesus Still Impacts Us Today
April 16, 2017 The resurrection validates everything that Jesus said. Jesus said some pretty outlandish things about life, about God, about himself, about what was really important.