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Supreme Court decisions near on travel ban, religion
June 24, 2017 WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court enters its final week of work before a long summer hiatus with action expected on the Trump administration's travel ban and a decision due in a separation of church and state case that arises from a Missouri church ...
How religion may have mattered in the murder of Nabra Hassanen ...
June 20, 2017 We're still processing the sad and tragic murder of Nabra Hassanen. The police have said this was not a hate crime; the culprit did not attack Hassanen b...
Commentary: Bernie Sanders, the unwitting star of liberal cluelessness on religion
June 14, 2017 Bernie Sanders used his few minutes to attack Russ Vought, a seasoned Republican policy hand nominated for deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget.
Bernie Sanders, the unwitting star of liberal cluelessness on religion
June 14, 2017 If Sanders wanted to challenge an appointee's theology in a committee hearing, Vought's views are susceptible to criticism on many philosophical and theological fronts.
Ivanka Trump mistakes Judaism as one of the world's largest religions
June 12, 2017 Trump described the trip as being “wildly successful.” “To have covered the three largest world religions over the course of four days, it was deeply meaningful,” Trump said. “It was beyond special. For each of these moments, it's hard to find the ...
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