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Preacher: 15 Mature Comic Book TV Shows We Need To See Next
June 26, 2017 The Walking Dead. Preacher. Legion. Premium and basic cable has proved to bean ideal home for mature, uncompromising comic book adaptations that wouldn't fly on network TV and are too long-form and ambitious to be constricted to film.
Trump To Join Texas Preacher for Patriotic Veterans Rally
June 25, 2017 President Donald Trump will join Pastor Robert Jeffress at the Kennedy Center Saturday to honor veterans at a patriotic “Celebrate Freedom rally”.
Preacher season 2, episode 1 recap: On the Road
June 25, 2017 The first season of Preacher was one of the most ambitious projects ever for a basic cable network. The comic book series that some thought was impossible to adapt to the small screen was a huge success.
'Preacher' hits the road in Season 2 and it's never been better
June 25, 2017 No series blends style, action, and humor quite like Preacher, which is perhaps the purest embodiment of a comic book we've ever had on the small screen.
Preacher season 2, episode 1 recap: On the Road
June 25, 2017 In the season 2 premiere of Preacher, Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy begin their road trip to find God while the Saint of Killers follows them at every turn.
Preacher Season 2 Premiere Pays Tribute To Steve Dillon
June 25, 2017 The premiere of the second season of Preacher concluded with a tribute frame reading “For Steve,” honoring Steve Dillon.
Preacher Season 2 Premiere Recap: Road Kill On the Highway to Heaven
June 25, 2017 Before moving to its new Mondays-at-9 time slot on June 26, AMC's Preacher kicked off Season 2 Sunday with an hour that was every bit as sexy, wacky and gory as a fan could pray for.
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