Dhanush watches India Vs Pakistan match with Sachin Tendulkar
June 4, 2017 Guess who's catching the mother of all cricket matches with Sachin Tendulkar at the stadium in England right now? It's none other than 'Raanjhanaa' actor Dhanush.
India vs Pakistan: London terror attack casts shadow over showdown as spectators look to sell off tickets
June 3, 2017 In the immediate fallout of the attacks, there has been a direct impact on the India-Pakistan cricket match, which is due to begin in a few hours.
Watch: 5 times when sledging, fights intensified India vs Pakistan cricket rivalry
June 3, 2017 Although there have been moments when both the teams have displayed respect and affection for one another - the most recent being Indian team sending an autographed jersey to Shahid Afridi following his retirement from the game, such love has often ...
India-Pakistan classics - how many do you remember?
June 3, 2017 The two have met for 127 ODIs in the last 19 years. Some of those matches were thrillers, some were absurd, and some plain refused to live up to the hype.
Multan becomes sixth Pakistan Super League franchise
June 2, 2017 The Schön Group, a Dubai-based enterprise well-established in the real estate business, has won the rights to the sixth franchise of the Pakistan Super League, and chosen Multan as its team.
India vs Pakistan: Virat Kohli's team not happy with Edgbaston practice facility
June 2, 2017 India vs Pakistan: Virat Kohli's team not happy with Edgbaston practice facility. The Indian cricket team today were unhappy with practice facilities at the Edgbaston Cricket Ground with both coach Anil Kumble and skipper Virat Kohli expressing their ...
India vs Pakistan: Five most heated moments on the cricket field
June 2, 2017 1992 -- Javed Miandad acrobatically imitated an over-enthusiastic Kiran More during India vs Pakistan match in the 1992 World Cup in Sydney.
Pakistan need 187 runs to win from 19.0 overs
June 2, 2017 ... sweeping, top edge in the air uncontrolled to deep backward square leg, by Pandya. FIfty and out. Azhar sweeps hard, closes the bat face too early, and top edges down deep backward square leg's throat.
India vs Pakistan: How the backdrop has taken a precedence
June 2, 2017 It would be stretching the point to suggest that political relations between India and Pakistan are their lowest, given the wars that the two countries have fought, but it's safe to say things have scarcely been worse.
Afghanistan Blames Pakistan for Planning Deadly Kabul Attack
June 1, 2017 While the Afghan government blames Pakistan, many Afghans are speculating about a different culprit - the Islamic State. The terrorist group moved heavily into Afghanistan last year, carrying out a series of lethal assaults in Kabul and elsewhere ...
ICC Champions Trophy 2017: When is India vs Pakistan, what TV channel is it on and how can I buy tickets?
May 31, 2017 What TV channel can I watch the match on? The ICC Champions Trophy will be covered exclusively on Sky Sports. Coverage of India vs Pakistan is on Sky Sports 2 and Sky Sports Mix. The match will be broadcast from 10am.
Ramadan: Controversy in Pakistan over increased penalties for fast-breakers
May 26, 2017 Citing a need to more effectively preserve the sanctity of Ramadan, the religious affairs committee of Pakistan's Senate unanimously approved ten-fold increases in the maximum fines for fast-breakers, alongside prison terms of up to three months.
Bomb kills five in northwest Pakistan
May 22, 2017 A roadside bomb has killed at least five people and wounded several others in a Pakistan's northwest tribal region close to the Afghan border.
Comedian TJ Miller shares a special message for his Pakistani fans
May 18, 2017 American comedian and actor TJ Miller shared a special message for his Pakistani fans, asking them to watch his upcoming movie, The Emoji Movie.
Hindu man arrested in Pakistan for sharing 'blasphemous' content on WhatsApp
May 4, 2017 A Hindu businessman has been arrested in Pakistan's southern Balochistan province for allegedly sharing blasphemous content on WhatsApp, the latest in a string of instances of members of minorities facing such charges. Violence erupted after Prakash ...
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