Father's Day Conversations: Is Your Dad Like Clint Eastwood? Understanding Strong Men [Opinion]
June 12, 2017 If a father is the strong silent type like Clint Eastwood, it might be hard to say those things that really need to be said.
Johnny Depp An Eternal Heartthrob? From Clint Eastwood To One Direction, Why Hot Men Inspire Loyalty [Opinion]
June 9, 2017 Johnny Depp is unsinkable, as proven by the success of Pirates of the Caribbean 5, which has grossed over half a billion dollars worldwide.
OPINION: Why President Trump should fear John McCain
June 6, 2017 OPINION | Trump is reliving Watergate, John McCain might be the final nail in his coffin.
The progressive insurgency is real and energized — Opinion ...
June 2, 2017 Montana Democratic congressional candidate Rob Quist stands with his wife Bonni (L) and daughter Halladay while giving his concession speech after his ...
Opinion: Theresa May is doing a great Hillary Clinton impersonation with her campaign
June 1, 2017 British Prime Minister Theresa May is doing her best Hillary Clinton impersonation and trying to blow what should be an easy election victory on June 8. If she does, that will surely be a short-term shock for the pound GBPUSD, +0.0621% and British ...
OPINION: As Kathy Griffin Joins ISIS, the US Must Enforce Laws Regarding Threats to the President
May 31, 2017 “What started as a refusal to accept the results of a democratically held election has turned into Kathy Griffin doing her best ISIS impression on the president of our country.
Kathy Griffin goes too far with severed head image of Donald Trump: Opinion
May 31, 2017 Kathy Griffin, who has been described as a comedian, has issued an apology on social media for a photo that shows her holding a severed head in the likeness of President Donald Trump.
Kathy Griffin just nullified every opinion she's ever had
May 30, 2017 KATHY Griffin just scored an enormous goal for the alt-right. A memorial to the two men who lost their lives defending two teenage girls from racist harassment in Portland, Oregon.
Pedroia going on disabled list, awaiting second opinion on wrist
May 30, 2017 SAN FRANCISCO - As an irate Bryce Harper charged toward the mound, Buster Posey just stood and watched from behind home plate.
Trump wants to break Obamacare so he can call it broken: Opinion
May 30, 2017 Williamson essentially says the same thing when he mentions the sexual scandals that helped end Woods' marriage. "Maybe you haven't behaved the way Tiger Woods does -- but how many Playboy models do you have on speed-dial? How many of them ...
Opinion: How Trump stacks up to Reagan, JFK and other presidential greats
May 30, 2017 As it turns out, five men in the post-World War II era are considered among the ten greatest presidents: Dwight Eisenhower (5th), Harry Truman (6th), John F. Kennedy (8th), Ronald Reagan (9th) and Lyndon Johnson (10th). How does Trump compare with ...
The true meaning of Memorial Day
May 29, 2017 Memorial Day is our nation's commemoration of the sacrifices made by those whose lives were lost for the freedoms we hold sacred.
Al Roker's opinion of babies on planes: 'They're kids, give them a break'
May 24, 2017 TODAY's Dylan Dreyer is on her way to Florida for the opening of Universal Orlando Resort's Volcano Bay, and posts a photo of baby Calvin on his very first flight.
Opinion: Montana Special Election Unlikely to Predict Larger Political Trend
May 23, 2017 ... expert on Montana or, as they will call it with an insider's flourish, Big Sky Country. The returns from the first statewide race of the Trump era will inevitably trigger the type of frenzied over-analysis reserved for special elections at moments ...
Everyone Has an Opinion About Katy Perry's Awkward SNL Dance ...
May 21, 2017 Sunday is a day for reflection--on the week, on the latest Trump news, on the best sketches from SNL the previous night, and on the internet's new favorite ...
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