District attorney's 'fake subpoenas' degrade the legal process: Opinion
April 27, 2017 Instead of something like, "The District Attorney of the Parish of Orleans requests the honor of your presence," the DA's invitation committee went with: "SUBPOENA: A FINE AND IMPRISONMENT MAY BE IMPOSED FOR FAILURE TO OBEY THIS NOTICE.".
Nothing New: Shea Moisture Already Showed Us It Wasn't Fully Here For Black Women [OPINION]
April 25, 2017 Except, to be fair to Shea Moisture, there is barely any Black hair in the company's new commercial. Instead there is a White woman with long blonde hair, two (two!
Johnny Depp's Views Are Complex: Why Alice Cooper And Marilyn Manson's Friend Is Misunderstood [Opinion]
April 25, 2017 Depp is the guitarist for Hollywood Vampires, a band with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry. Marilyn Manson considers Johnny his best friend.
Speculation That Pregnancy Will End Serena William's Career Is Sexist And Stupid [Opinion]
April 20, 2017 As someone who has watched Serena Williams evolve from the sister of Venus to the greatest tennis player ever (yeah, I said it), I am here to tell anyone that thinks that pregnancy is going to stop her from achieving more success on the court that they ...
Opinion: Foreign celebrities should forfeit their bully pulpit
April 17, 2017 California voted Ronald Reagan and then Arnold Schwarzenegger in as their state governor. Clint Eastwood and Scott Baio have given public speeches at the RNC and just recently, Robert Davi could be seen all over the floor of the Conservative Political ...
North Korea is reckless, but not suicidal: Opinionline
April 16, 2017 William J. Perry,Politico Magazine: “The danger is not, as some believe, that North Korea will make good on its bluster and actually launch a surprise nuclear attack.
3-on-3: Biased and Unbiased Opinions on the Rockets
April 16, 2017 The Houston Rockets take on the Oklahoma City Thunder in what might be the most hyped first round series in years. Here are some thoughts on the matchup from both sides of the fandom fence.
Take Me Out's 'budget' Harry Styles look-a-like divides opinion
April 16, 2017 Harry Styles may be busy promoting his new single but he somehow found time to make an appearance on Take Me Out. Melissa McCarthy rips into Sean Spicer's Hitler comments on SNL with an Easter bunny twist.
He is risen! He is risen, indeed
April 15, 2017 While a college student some 45 plus years ago, I was employed as a cleaning man of a laundromat close to the campus where I was enrolled.
OPINION: What's good about 'Good Friday'? Lenten thoughts
April 13, 2017 For about a third of the world's population, Good Friday is supposed to be marked devotedly to commemorate the sacrifice, the betrayal, martyrdom, crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ.
Why 'Luv Guv' is no surprise (opinion) - CNN.com
April 11, 2017 Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley's fall from grace is not all that surprising considering that politicians are predisposed to have more affairs than the rest of us, writes ...
Eisenberg: Fact And Opinion On Nick Mangold, Jabrill Peppers And More
April 11, 2017 ... Coach John Harbaugh said last week about (drum roll) Michigan's Jabrill Peppers. Though listed as a safety, Peppers is a unique player, strong enough to handle inside linebacker, according to Harbaugh.
Opinion: after a decade of heartbreak, Edmonton Oilers fans have earned a playoff run, too
April 11, 2017 We find a player or coach to heap blame on. Names like “Justin Schultz” or “Dallas Eakins” are regularly uttered. Bargaining.
Mine-permitting thicket is retarding U.S. competitiveness: Hal Quinn (Opinion)
April 7, 2017 The choice between protecting the environment and revising our mine-permitting process is a false one. As Canada and Australia demonstrate, we can do both.
Parents should be concerned about Gorsuch's opinions
April 6, 2017 Luke P., Gorsuch's ruling denied Luke, a young autistic boy, placement in a residential school program, an accommodation Luke's family and teachers agreed he needed to fully apply the skills he learned in school.
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