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Hey, NATO, Let's Move Those 50 US Thermonuclear Weapons Out of Turkey
May 23, 2017 When President Donald Trump and other heads of state meet at this week's NATO Summit it might be a good time to discuss the wisdom of keeping 50 U.S.
Trump tells Israel Iran will never have nuclear weapons
May 22, 2017 US President Donald Trump has told Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, that Iran will never have nuclear weapons. He suggested the Iranians thought they could "do what they want" since negotiating a nuclear deal with world powers in 2015.
Giving Up Nuclear Weapons: It's Rare, But It's Happened
May 8, 2017 "Let us convince the world we are not playing games, that we have broken those bombs down, that we can account for every milli-milli-milligram of material in it - and that is exactly what we did," de Klerk said at a 2012 event in Washington, recalling ...
Nuclear weapons the 'biggest threat facing humans today'
April 14, 2017 John Hallam, a UN nuclear disarmament campaigner, who said the US and Russia had hundreds if not thousands of nuclear warheads in a state of ready. Mr Hallam, who has spent years working with diplomats on nuclear risk and weapons reduction ...
What You Should Know About North Korea and Their Nuclear Weapons Threats
April 14, 2017 In this op-ed, Sharon Squassoni, director of the Proliferation Prevention Program at CSIS and member of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists' Science and Security Board, discusses the situation with North Korea and the threat of nuclear weapons. April 15 ...
North Korea Broadcasts Really Strange Messages As New Nuclear Weapons Test Looms
April 14, 2017 Pyongyang is reportedly broadcasting encrypted messages reminiscent of those used to contact spies during the Cold War. Evidence suggests that a sixth North Korean nuclear test is coming soon, as U.S. officials report a nuclear device was planted ...
Coalition says China responsible for stopping North Korean nuclear weapons reaching Australia
April 12, 2017 North Korea is developing missile capability to reach Australia and the United States with nuclear weapons within two years and China has primary responsibility to stop it, Christopher Pyne has said.
North Korea: Trump's airstrikes in Syria justify its nuclear weapons program
April 9, 2017 North Korea is pledging to boost its defenses following President Trump's decision to strike a Syrian airfield, calling the move “absolutely unpardonable.
WW3 FEARS: Global bid to BAN nuclear weapons over rising concerns at North Korea
March 27, 2017 Related articles. REVEALED: Russia's new 4,600mph missile that could WIPE OUT world's... North Korea 'to unleash DEADLY blows WITHOUT WARNING' as World War 3. "But it's very important in these days when you see more of this rhetoric, and also sort ...
What nuclear weapons does North Korea have and why did Kim Jong-un launch a ballistic missile test towards Japan?
February 13, 2017 KIM Jong-un plans to be equipped with an arsenal of nuclear weapons within the next 12 months, it has been claimed. The tyrannical leader of North Korea has made it his mission to dramatically increase the amount of nukes in his control in less than a ...
Defense Secretary Hagel orders review of nuclear weapons mission following scandals - U.S. News
January 23, 2014 #1.2; NEW. comment author avatar. You forgot to scream "BENGHAZI!!!!" 3; Share; cog. jrae-1215199 Jan 23, 2014. #1.3; NEW. comment author avatar. Well, I'm going to sleep well tonight knowing all this has been going on. 2; Share; cog. Coral Taxi Jan 23 ...
Under threat, South Koreans mull nuclear weapons - CNN.com
March 18, 2013 Seoul, South Korea (CNN) -- The barrage of threats from North Korea has sparked talk from within South Korea of the need to develop its own nuclear weapons. A recent poll shows that two-thirds of South Korean citizens surveyed support the idea ...
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