What is NORAD's Role in Homeland Defense?
June 10, 2017 An F-15 Eagle assigned to the California Air National Guard is refueled by a KC-10 Extender assigned to Travis Air Force Base, California, during a mission supporting Operation Noble Eagle 2016. The refueling mission was in direct support of fighter ...
Santa Tracker: NORAD follows Kris Kringle
December 24, 2013 Image Courtesy of NASA Santa has a very big night ahead of him and he has a ton of gifts to deliver this Christmas Eve. NORAD – the North American Aerospace Defense Command – is tracking Santa's progress tonight as it has done every Christmas Eve ...
Where in The World is Santa?: Norad Santa Tracker - Barista Kids 
December 24, 2013 Norad Santa Tracker In 1955 a Sears Roebuck & Co. ad for children to call Santa misprinted the telephone number. Instead of reaching the North Pole, the phone number put kids through to the Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD). Luckily, the ...
Tracking Santa with help from NORAD, Google - The Washington Post
December 24, 2013 Google used to partner with NORAD on the tracker, but the two parted ways last year, saying they had different visions for how the program would work. NORAD now works with Microsoft, but Google has continued its own version of the Santa Tracker using ...
NORAD Santa Tracker: The History Behind This Santa Claus Path Tracker - PolicyMic
December 24, 2013 The hardest part about Christmas Eve has always been not knowing exactly when Santa Claus will be making his stop at your house. Waiting up all night, you have no idea where he is, how close he is, or when he'll be dropping down your chimney.
NORAD Santa Tracker 2013: Here Comes Santa Claus!
December 24, 2013 With Santa's arrival imminent, The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has a firm lock on a glowing object moving quickly across the skies, and can confirm that it is indeed Rudolph's bright red nose, according to Susan Alexander, ...
NORAD: Santa tracking has been launched - Sun Sentinel
December 24, 2013 NORAD tracks airplanes, missles, space launches and anything else that flies all year round. The agency's predecessor began tracking Santa, quite by accident, in 1955 when a wrong telephone number was published for children to speak with Santa.
NORAD Santa tracker questions answered - The Denver Post
December 23, 2013 Updated: 12/24/2013 12:51:43 PM MST. NORAD Santa Tracker. Santa Claus was spotted near Kathmandu, Nepal, shortly after 10:00 a.m. Denver time, on NORAD's Santa Tracker,December 24, 2013. Visit the Santa Tracker here. (NORAD Santa Tracker) ...
NORAD Santa tracker: Five things to know - CBS News
December 23, 2013 PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. - For kids who can't wait for Santa to arrive, the North American Aerospace Defense Command has a Christmas treat. Visions of sugar plums can be augmented by a check on the fat man's progress around the globe on ...
NORAD Santa Tracker 2013: Where Is Santa Claus?
December 23, 2013 “Instead of reaching Santa, the phone number put kids through to the CONAD (NORAD's predecessor) commander-in-chief's operations 'hotline,'” according to NORAD's tracker website. Rather than shut down the phone lines, NORAD's first Santa-tracker, ...
NORAD Santa Tracker 2013: Where is Santa Claus right now?
December 23, 2013 But Santa will be delivering gifts to every home, and child, in the world. (According to those in the know.) You can keep track of Santa's journey with the NORAD Santa Tracker, which follows him across the sky all the day before Christmas. As of 6:15 p ...
Santa Tracker 2013: NORAD tracks Santa’s journey around the world, follow live - Detroit Holidays
December 23, 2013 Of course that means Santa will be on his way to deliver gifts to all the good children of the world and with the power of NORAD's Santa Tracker, children can now follow Santa's flight step-by-step all around the world. According to PCmag.com on Dec ...
NORAD Santa Tracker 2013: Where is Santa Claus right now for Christmas Eve? - National Tech Research
December 23, 2013 The NORAD Santa Tracker 2013 and special apps ready to assist kids, and even adults, in finding out where Santa Claus is right now at the moment. With Christmas Eve almost here, many people will want to get an idea of where Santa's sleigh and reindeer ...
NORAD Santa Tracker Site Goes Live Tonight
December 23, 2013 The annual "Santa Tracker" provided each holiday season by the U.S. North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is set to start tracking St. Nick's Christmas travels once again. The interactive NORAD Santa Tracker site goes live at 8 p.m. ...
NORAD Santa Tracker - Cosmopolitan
December 23, 2013 you wonder, knowing that if Santa Claus doesn't show up soon, you're going to devour all those cookies yourself. You listen carefully for reindeer and check your watch repeatedly. Well, you do all that if you forgot about the famous NORAD Santa Tracker.
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