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Reddit's TheRedPill, notorious for its misogyny, was founded by a New Hampshire state legislator
April 28, 2017 Reddit's TheRedPill, notorious for its misogyny, was founded by a New Hampshire state legislator. A second-term New Hampshire state representative helped turn “the red pill” into a misogynistic code.
NH docs debate safe drug-use rooms in hospitals
January 21, 2017 A New Hampshire physician is encouraging health care professionals to consider a unique approach to helping patients by establishing safe drug-use rooms ...
NH Business Newsreel: Sports Authority mulls closing all stores
May 3, 2016 MANCHESTER — Sports Authority plans to put most of its company assets up for auction in mid-May, possibly leading to closure of all 450 stores, according to Forbes magazine. The sporting goods retailer operates four stores in New Hampshire, ...
Chris Christie Quits GOP Race, Following Carly Fiorina After Weak New Hampshire Finish
February 10, 2016 Meanwhile, ABC News' Good Morning America reported this morning that Christie's New Hampshire campaign Chairman Wayne MacDonald said that qualifying for CBS' upcoming GOP debate was a major factor in Christie's deliberations. And with the ...
Marco Rubio shouldn’t blame Chris Christie for his New Hampshire collapse.
February 10, 2016 Chris Christie, in his only significant contribution to the 2016 presidential race, thumped Sen. Marco Rubio in New Hampshire and significantly complicated his supposed glide path to the nomination. I personally consider this hilarious, but others ...
Chris Christie Drops Out After New Hampshire Primary Results
February 10, 2016 New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who once looked like a front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination but was hampered from the start of his campaign by a traffic scandal and a sluggish economy at home, will drop out of the race Wednesday.
Jeb Bush to New Hampshire: You All Have Reset the Race - Bloomberg Politics
February 9, 2016 2016 Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush speaks in New Hampshire after the Granite State's primary. Share on FacebookShare on Twitter · Share on LinkedInShare on RedditShare on Google+E-mail · Jeb Bush · New Hampshire Primary · New ...
All aboard the Super Tuesday train: New Hampshire winners and losers - BBC News
February 9, 2016 Ten candidates chugged in to New Hampshire after the Iowa caucuses with hopes of success. But now that the primary results are in, who has a ticket on the presidential train as it rolls down the coast, to South Carolina and beyond? There are seats ...
Candidates looking beyond New Hampshire, Super Tuesday
February 9, 2016 The votes from New Hampshire are still being dissected and Michigan voters won't cast ballots for another month, but the presidential campaigns are looking beyond South Carolina, Nevada and the 11 Super Tuesday states toward Michigan's March 8 ...
Jeb Bush: New Hampshire has reset the race - CNN Video
February 9, 2016 GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush speaks to his supporters as he battles for a third-place finish in the New Hampshire primary. New Hampshire primary: Trump, Sanders win. By Stephen Collinson, CNN. Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie ...
Chris Christie Falls Short in New Hampshire Primary - The Atlantic
February 9, 2016 Updated on February 9 at 10:51 p.m. ET. For Chris Christie, the 2016 race has been leading up to New Hampshire. The New Jersey governor, and increasingly long-shot Republican presidential hopeful, had pinned his hopes on a strong showing in the New ...
New Hampshire residents asking Google if Jeb Bush is related to George, when Bernie Sanders was born
February 9, 2016 It's primary day in the Granite State, and New Hampshire residents are using Google to ask questions about the candidates, where they stand on the issues, and if they're still even in the race. Google reports that the top trending questions on Hillary ...
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