Annunciato Metroid Prime 4 per Nintendo Switch… e Metroid: Samus Returns per Nintendo 3DS!
June 14, 2017 Durante il Nintendo Direct il colosso nipponico ha sganciato un bel po' di “bombe”: un GDR Pokémon in via di sviluppo per Nintendo Switch, la data di Super Mario Odyssey e, dulcis in fundo, un nuovo capitolo della serie Metroid Prime, ovvero quella ...
Nintendo Reveals "Metroid Prime 4" and "Metroid: Samus Returns"
June 13, 2017 It seems like it's been an eternity since Samus Aran got her due at E3, but that moment finally arrived during Nintendo's E3 video today.
E3 2017 – Metroid: Samus Returns coming to Nintendo 3DS
June 13, 2017 Fresh off the announcement of Metroid Prime 4 being in development, Nintendo revealed something big during the Nintendo Treehouse live stream.
Nintendo stealth reveals Metroid: Samus Returns at E3 2017
June 13, 2017 Presented as a reimagination of the classic Gameboy title from 1991, Metroid II: Samus Returns, this new side-scrolling adventure will feature new 3D visuals, an atmospheric color palette, new upgrades and improved aiming.
Metroid: Samus Returns for the 3DS Premiers at the Nintendo E3 2017 Treehouse
June 13, 2017 Metroid Prime 4 may be coming out for the Nintendo Switch, but the FIRST time we get to see Samus Aran again is on the 3DS.