Visibility Project' Portraits Show LGBTQ Asian Americans in All Their Power
June 26, 2017 “That was a really critical turning point for me now that I look back at it - understanding the leverage and power I had as an openly queer media maker,” Nakano told NBC News.
LGBTQ pride marches marked by protests across US
June 25, 2017 The celebratory tone of gay pride marches from San Francisco to Istanbul on Sunday were undergirded by an atmosphere of political expression and protest.
Live Stream: New York City's LGBT Pride March
June 25, 2017 ... 26 on June 24, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images) (Photo: Nicholas Hunt, Getty Images). 64 CONNECTTWEETLINKEDIN 18 COMMENTEMAILMORE.
True colors! Nancy Pelosi parties it up in Manhattan with Cyndi Lauper at an LGBT honors night as a DOZEN ...
June 22, 2017 Nancy Pelosi has spent the night partying it up in Manhattan, as a team of Democrats plotted to oust her from leadership back in DC.
Turkey's LGBT Community Pushes Ahead With Plans For Pride Parade
June 22, 2017 June 22, 20175:06 AM ET. Heard on Morning Edition · Peter Kenyon - Square · Peter Kenyon. On Sunday, members of Turkey's LGBT community are to hold a pride parade - if the authorities let them. The parade has been canceled for the last two years, ...
How Scarlett Johansson's 'Rough Night' Became the Rare Studio Comedy That's LGBT-Friendly
June 16, 2017 With “Rough Night,” Sony Pictures managed the rare feat of delivering a big studio comedy that fairly and respectfully represents LGBT characters.
In LGBT: San Francisco, Celebrating the Birth of Pride
June 16, 2017 It's rare you leaf through a book of reportage and portraiture that makes you want to know what happened to every single person captured in every single frame.
Internet Users Show Support For LGBTQ Equality, Flaunt Rainbow-Coloured Eyes And Lips
June 16, 2017 ... lashes and rainbow lids: active digital campaigner for cosmetic-loving boys, Manny Mua is clocking up the likes in six figures on Instagram.
Mois des fiertés LGBT : un make-up arc-en-ciel pour être de la fête
June 15, 2017 Le digne représentant virtuel des garçons adeptes de cosmétiques Manny Mua engrange des millions de likes avec un regard arc-en-ciel travaillé à l'aide de la palette 35B de Morphe cosmetics. La professionnelle du maquillage d'origine néerlandaise ...
Miley Cyrus' Pride outfit infuriated the LGBTQ community
June 13, 2017 From her days co-opting hip-hop style to now denouncing her old look and sound altogether, it seems like it's been a challenge for Cyrus to find a signature style that doesn't reek of cultural appropriation. And although the star has adopted a more ...
'Rest in Power': Gainesville Equality March honors victims of Pulse nightclub shooting and celebrates LGBTQ+ pride
June 12, 2017 The plaza served as a gathering place for those who spent their afternoon marching for LGBTQ+ rights, honoring the 49 lives lost just one year ago at a mass shooting inside of Pulse nightclub in Orlando. One by one, the names and ages of each victim ...
Trump's Pulse Nightclub Tribute Ignores the LGBTQ Community
June 12, 2017 President Donald Trump paid tribute Monday to the 49 people who lost their lives at the gay nightclub Pulse a year ago in what was the deadliest mass shooting in United States history.
Keinon Carter Almost Died in the Pulse LGBT Club Massacre. Now He Wants to Live Big.
June 11, 2017 Keinon Carter was shot twice and critically injured in the Pulse LGBT club massacre, leaving him near death. Now he wants to become a community advocate.
What DUP in government would mean for the LGBT community in the UK
June 10, 2017 The DUP have staunchly opposed same-sex marriage, believing in what they call the 'traditional' definition of the union, and have previously vetoed several attempts to pass new legislation.
Listen to Miley Cyrus' new single, 'Inspired,' released in honor of LGBTQ Pride Month
June 9, 2017 Recorded in her hometown of Nashville, “Inspired” doesn't stray far from the rootsy vibe the singer is now exploring. “How can we escape / All the fear and all the hate,” she sings.
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