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What's in a wink? Lessons from Clinton, Corbyn and Rihanna
June 27, 2017 It is true that there are many winkers in politics. The DUP's Ian Paisley Jr, for one, appeared to wink at Theresa May [subscription] in the House of Commons on Monday as the Tories' deal with the unionist party was outlined.
Buyers beware: Lessons from the ethereum 'flash crash'
June 23, 2017 The price of the digital currency ethereum briefly dropped from more than $300 to 10 cents on Wednesday on one exchange. The "flash crash" shows how the young infrastructure isn't yet able to handle large trades.
Nine Style Lessons We Learned At Milan Fashion Week
June 21, 2017 The orange trend may have first peered above the parapet in London last weekend (Christopher Raeburn showed buckets of it, as did Oliver Spencer), but it was in Milan that the contentious colour really took hold. Tricky to wear but a strong statement ...
Three IP lessons from the fidget spinner
June 20, 2017 With the fidget spinner craze taking over playgrounds and offices around the world, we were interested in learning from the Guardian that the inventor of the fidget spinner, Catherine Hettinger, barely made a dime from her invention. While Ms Hettinger ...
Kim Kardashian's Lessons Learned About Blackface, Photoshop
June 19, 2017 [Page Six]; Miles Teller, mainly known for the 2014 movie Whiplash, was arrested for public intoxication. As disappointing as this news is to everybody, even more cruel is the fact that officers provided no further details than his “alleged” trouble ...
Lessons from the Dwight-mare: How NBA teams handle their star's departure
June 19, 2017 In December of 2011, shortly after the NBA's lockout ended, the inevitable announcement came. After leading the Magic to the 2009 NBA Finals and to the franchise's highest moment, the team had struggled to repeat that success, and star Dwight Howard ...
Amid another presidential probe, NC Watergate veterans see lessons in handling crisis
June 16, 2017 But Butterfield also had said there were taping systems elsewhere, including the Aspen Cabin at Camp David, where Soviet Premier Leonid Brezhnev had stayed only weeks earlier.
UK election: Six key lessons from a surprise result
June 9, 2017 As a result of these patterns, while, at just under 44%, the Conservative Party secured its highest share of the vote since Mrs Thatcher's first election victory in 1979, it was not enough for an overall majority. This was because, at 41%, Labour's ...
Are there lessons to be learned from Bernie Madoff in the Trump era?
June 9, 2017 She was sitting in The New York Times offices, waiting for Robert De Niro to get on a conference call. When he got on the line a few minutes late, he apologized for the delay and introductions were made.
My Husband's CPR Knowledge Saved Our Daughter (+ Lessons We Learned After a Near-Drowning Accident)
May 30, 2017 I okay-ed it being taken off of her because we were ready to get out, dry off, and eat dinner. Allowing that floaty to be taken off of her was my misstep.
Swim Lessons 101
May 29, 2017 I recently had the pleasure of observing a swim lesson program in action at the Rockville LA Fitness Center. SafeSplash Swim School is an independently owned and operated franchised location of the nation's leading learn to swim brand.
5 lessons we've learned about Cavaliers-Warriors from the NBA conference finals
May 24, 2017 We are one Cleveland Cavaliers win away from the NBA Finals rematch we all expected. Barring something extraordinary, Cavs-Warriors III will tip off on June 1 in Oakland. And as the Eastern Conference finals wind down, we're looking back on the ...
The Lessons of Rihanna
May 24, 2017 Rihanna, center, was honored at the Parsons School of Design benefit this week. Credit Amy Lombard for The New York Times. On Monday night, late in the program for the 69th annual benefit and student fashion show at Parsons School of Design, a group ...
6 Lessons American Muslims Must Learn from Malcolm X
May 19, 2017 A well-known figure in the controversial Nation of Islam, and later in more mainstream Sunni Islam, Malcolm X is a superhero for many Muslims who have gained valuable lessons from his life.
Lessons for Trump and Kushner From My 20 Years of Failing at Middle East Peace
May 19, 2017 Several weeks ago, I had an opportunity to meet President Donald Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Having worked on the seemingly intractable Arab-Israeli peace process for much of my adult life, I couldn't restrain myself.
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