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N Korea Marks Anniversary Of Kim Jong-Il Death
December 16, 2013 As Pyongyang marks Kim's death, one notable absentee is the widow of the leader's executed uncle. 10:25, UK, Tuesday 17 December 2013. 1/10. North Korean soldiers offer flowers to bronze statues of North Korea's late founder Kim Il Sung. North Korean ...
Oscars 2012: Sacha Baron Cohen spills 'Kim Jong-il's ashes' on Ryan Seacrest
February 27, 2012 Sacha Baron Cohen livened up an otherwise predictable Oscars night by spilling 'Kim Jong-il's ashes' over red carpet host Ryan Seacrest. By Anita Singh, Showbusiness Editor The Ali G star turned up dressed as his latest comedy character, The Dictator, ...
Baron Cohen pulls Kim Jong-Il stunt at Oscars
February 26, 2012 Flamboyant British comic Sacha Baron Cohen pulled a North Korea-themed publicity stunt on the Oscars red carpet Sunday, pretending to pour late leader Kim Jong-Il's ashes onto an interviewer. The “Ali G,” “Borat” and “Bruno” star, who had been warned ...
Oscars: Watch Sacha Baron Cohen Spills Kim Jong-Il On Ryan Seacrest
February 26, 2012 After much fuss, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences at last relented and let Sacha Baron Cohen - invited representing Paramount Pictures' Best Picture nominee "Hugo" - walk the red carpet in costume as Adm. Gen.
Death of Kim Jong-Il Highlights North Korean Tech Famine
December 20, 2011 Whether Kim Jong-un, his father's handpicked successor, will continue this policy of technological isolationism remains to be seen, although he is known to have advocated the growth of cell phones in North Korea. He will likely have no difficulty in ...
Death of Kim Jong-il sparks hopes of reunion, reunification
December 20, 2011 But they also acknowledged that war was an equally possible outcome, given the potential for instability in the reign of Kim's 20-something son and successor, Kim Jong-un. “Older people are relieved that he's gone,” says general contractor Jin Park, ...
Kim Jong-Il: leadership and legacy
December 20, 2011 If North Korea survives and its circumstances improve - perhaps under Kim's son, Kim Jong-Un - Kim may be remembered as a leader who guided the country through its worst post-war crisis and prepared the way for reform. If things go badly, Kim will be ...
Kim Jong-il dead: Kim Jong-un leads North Korean mourners
December 20, 2011 Kim Jong-un, the 'Great Successor' to Kim Jong-il, was one of the first to pay respects to his dead father, as the North Korean leader's body lay in state, allowing mourners to pay their respects. As North Korea mourned for a second day with high-level ...
Dangerous dunce Kim Jong-un pays his respects to his father Kim Jong-il
December 20, 2011 Source: AFP DRESSED in his trademark khaki tunic and partially covered by a red flag, the body of Kim Jong-il was displayed in a glass coffin last night. State television showed a sombre, dark-clad Kim Jong-un, his youngest son and anointed successor, ...
North Korean TV shows Kim Jong-il's body
December 20, 2011 North Korea has test-fired two short-range missiles on the same day it announced the death of Kim Jong-il. Supporting Kim Jong Un's status as successor, last year Korean leader Kim Jong Il appointed his youngest son as a four-star general. ...
North Korea media laud son, nation mourns Kim Jong-il
December 19, 2011 Place: Seoul | Agency: PTI Streams of mourners, some wailing and some grim-faced, placed flowers at monuments around the North Korean capital today in memory of longtime ruler Kim Jong-il, while state media hailed Kim's son and heir-apparent as a man ...
US talks over Kim Jong-il death
December 19, 2011 The United States has been urgently consulting its allies in East Asia following the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il. Defence Secretary Leon Panetta has spoken to South Korea's Kim Kwan-jin, while the US Secretary of State met her Japanese ...
Kim Jong-il Died, But Jon Bon Jovi is Alive
December 19, 2011 When I got up, I read that North Korea dictator Kim Jong-il had died. I wanted to make sure it was true. So I check one source, and another source. And it appeared that yes, it was true, Kim Jong-il, North Korea's tyrant, had indeed died. ...
Lil' Kim Death Rumors Sparked by Kim Jong-il's Demise
December 19, 2011 Lil' Kim death rumors took off on Twitter for a very bizarre reason -- people were confusing the tiny rapper with tiny North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il. It's truly a testament to our time when a singer known mostly know for getting in a feud with ...
Kim Jong-il death sparks hopes of reunification for Korean-Americans
December 19, 2011 Korean-Americans say North Korea is in an uncertain position after the death of leader Kim Jong-il, but they hope that the event could ultimately lead to the reunification of North and South. A stack of Korea Times LA newspapers reporting the death of ...
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