Ivanka Trump mistakes Judaism as one of the world's largest religions
June 12, 2017 Trump described the trip as being “wildly successful.” “To have covered the three largest world religions over the course of four days, it was deeply meaningful,” Trump said. “It was beyond special. For each of these moments, it's hard to find the ...
Ivanka Trump Incorrectly Names Judaism As 1 Of The 3 'Largest World Religions'
June 12, 2017 Ivanka Trump Incorrectly Names Judaism As 1 Of The 3 'Largest World Religions'. The president's daughter left out several major faiths, including Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism.
Alex Jones: Wearing 'Hajibs' As A Feminist Symbol Like 'Putting Jews In Gas Chambers' As A 'New Sign Of Judaism'
June 6, 2017 Yesterday, far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones warned that George Soros and the secret organizers behind the “private world government” are trying to encourage women in the U.S.
Two Years After Converting To Judaism (Or Something), Tila Tequila Is Now A Nazi (Or Something)
December 9, 2013 Remember when “celebrity” Tila Tequila announced she was converting to Judaism? No? Because you don't give a shit what a vacuous waste of space like Tila Tequila says about anything? Good for you. You're better off for it. But, in the interest of ...
Comment: Andrew Breitbart, Israel and Judaism
March 3, 2012 By BENJAMIN WEINTHAL, JERUSALEM POST CORRESPONDENT Forty three- year-old conservative blogger and Internet pioneer dies; Breitbart carved out new mixture of investigative journalism. By Brendan McDermid/Reuters) Andrew Breitbart, the 43- year-old ...
Hitchens, contrarian who embraced and battled Judaism, dead at 62
December 15, 2011 By Ron Kampeas December 16, 2011 WASHINGTON (JTA) -- Christopher Hitchens, the atheist and iconoclast who discovered in adulthood that he was of Jewish descent, has died. Vanity Fair, where much of Hitchens' work appeared, announced his passing late ...
Has Matisyahu left Judaism?
December 13, 2011 Matisyahu, the improbable but undeniable reggae star, announced on Twitter on Tuesday (Dec. 13) that he is shaving the beard that has long marked him as a Hasidic Jew. Fans are confused. Is he giving up the Orthodox brand of Judaism he adopted 10 years ...
Why Judaism is a 'square' religion
June 7, 2011 By RABBI STEWART WEISS Perhaps the most outstanding feature of Shavuot along with the reading of the Ten Commandments and the eating of cheesecake is the custom of staying up long into the night, or all the way through it, studying Torah. ...
Taking a Shyne to Judaism
December 1, 2010 He's a warm, sincere individual, said Seidel, an observation seconded by Charley Levine, the head of Lone Star Communication, who is advising the singer on ...
Quran Burning Pastor: Judaism, Other Religions "Of The Devil"
September 8, 2010 Pastor Terry Jones who caused international controversy with his Quran burning plan, believes that Islam is "of the devil" and apparently has similar ...
How Aly Raisman drew strength from her Judaism
January 1, 1970