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Will Jewish Tech Mogul Become First Gay Governor Of Colorado
June 26, 2017 Katherine Dettwyler, who teaches anthropology, criticized Warmbier on social media and in the comments section of an article published on the National Review website.
What watching "Wonder Woman" means to me as a Jewish woman
June 21, 2017 Mostly, we see Jewish actresses embody quirky women who have relationship problems (Rachel Bloom in Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Obvious Child's Jenny Slate, Mila Kunis's entire IMDB page). But then came Wonder Woman, played by Israeli-born Gal Gadot.
Meet The Israeli Star Of The NBA Draft — He' s Not Quite Jewish
June 21, 2017 He may not be Jewish, and he may not live in Israel, but we'll take it: tomorrow T.J. Leaf will become the second Israeli-born player drafted to the NBA, the only one since Omri Casspi 2009.
The Jewish Aryan Contradictions Of Scarlett Johansson
June 16, 2017 Nobody is saying that “Rough Night” is a great film, but what charm it has comes from Scarlett Johansson playing against type.
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