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iOS 8 adoption lags behind that of iOS 7 - CNET
September 19, 2014 Apple launched its iOS 8 mobile operating system on Wednesday with a host of tweaks and refinements, including support for Apple Pay, a new predictive-typing keyboard, a "Hey Siri" feature, better Spotlight searches, new camera and photo editing ...
Apple iOS 8 vs. iOS 7: A Visual Tour of the Biggest Updates
September 19, 2014 As in iOS 7, you still summon Spotlight by swiping down on the Home screen. But the iOS 8 version of Spotlight is more open-ended and powerful. What used to be a tool to just search your phone can now show results from the web, local movie listings ...
iOS 8 Adoption Off To A Slower Start Than iOS 7, Say Multiple Usage Trackers
September 18, 2014 The iOS 8 installation spike is high, but lower than it was for iOS 7 last year, according to numbers from a variety of mobile OS usage monitoring platforms. Chitika, Tapjoy, Mixpanel and Appsee all show adoption numbers that, while high, fall short of ...
iOS 8 Release Date Of Sept 17 Has Arrived: Update Begins At 10AM Pacific Time, Upgrade Your iDevices With iOS 7.1.2 First To Ins
September 16, 2014 The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus which are going to release on Sept 19 will come preloaded with the newest iOS 8 release. However, even ... guess the iOS 8 release time. Usually, Apple starts rolling out the iOS update to the public at 10AM Pacific Time.
iOS 8 Jailbreak News: Pangu Jailbreak iOS 7.1 Tweaked to Work With iOS 8 Beta
September 8, 2014 Other Reddit users have expressed skepticism over the supposed iOS 8 jailbreak, and have suggested that the photos used as prove are fake; the jailbreak sounds good in theory but won't work; and that jailbreaking an iOS 8 beta means little because ...
iOS 8 is the dramatic redesign that iOS 7 promised
June 4, 2014 We thought then that the radical redesign of iOS would be the biggest update in the platform's history. But in some ways, we were wrong. While iOS 7 brought a massive change in aesthetic direction, it remained functionally similar to its predecessors ...
How to downgrade to iOS 7 from the iOS 8 beta
June 3, 2014 We're going to walk you through the directions you can follow to downgrade an iDevice running an iOS beta to the current shipping version of iOS (7.1.1 as of this writing, though it may well change between now and the general release of iOS 8). We'll ...
iOS 7 Changed iOS, But iOS 8 Changes Computing
June 2, 2014 Apple showed off a lot of new stuff today, so much so that it's actually hard to process. But from a macro perspective, one thing is clear: iOS 8 actually represents much more of a shift than did iOS 7 last year, despite the fact that the visual ...
iOS 7.1 Will Kill Your iPhone Battery — Unless You Do This
March 15, 2014 iOS 7.1 — in many ways — is a welcome update to the iPhone and iPad operating systems. However, if you hope that the update will improve battery life, you might want to lower your expectations. Many who have installed the iOS 7.1 update have found ...
iOS 7.1 Makes Your iPhone 4 Usable Again
March 11, 2014 When iOS 7 was released, iPhone 4 users experienced a pretty dramatic slowdown that in a lot of cases left devices nearly unusable. Thankfully, according to Ars Technica, the just released iOS 7.1 fixes a bunch of problems and makes iOS 7 actually work ...
iOS 7.1 introduces big improvements for iBeacons, devs weigh in
March 11, 2014 Apple's iOS 7.1 update this week has quietly introduced changes that bring major improvements to the way iBeacons— Apple's Bluetooth LE beacon standard— can interact with iOS devices. The changes were first spotted in a report from Beekn.net, and we ...
Refinements, additions, and un-breaking stuff: iOS 7.1 reviewed
March 11, 2014 iOS 7.1's version number implies a much smaller update, but it has spent a considerable amount of time in development. Apple has issued five betas to developers since November of 2013, and almost every one of them has tweaked the user interface in ...
iOS 7.1 Features: Secret iOS 7.1 feature controls iPhone with head
March 11, 2014 As noted by The Loop, iOS now includes a feature that allows users to control the iPhone with head-based motion gestures. In other words, the front-facing camera will monitor your face and simply shaking your head in a certain direction will trigger an ...
Apple brings CarPlay to iPhone and iPad with iOS 7.1 - Telegraph
March 11, 2014 Vehicles from Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo have CarPlay as an option for customers, while manufacturers such as BMW, Ford and Jaguar will all launch the feature in the future. The latest version of iOS – 7.1 – adds the support necessary to make the ...
iOS 7.1 Kills Evasi0n7 Jailbreak Tool While Apple Gives Credit To Evad3rs For Key Security Changes
March 11, 2014 Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) latest iOS 7.1 firmware update patched evasi0n7, the untethered jailbreak tool that was released to jailbreak devices running on iOS 7, while the company also gave credit to evad3rs -- the jailbreakers' team that created evasi0n7 ...
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