'Misogyny played a role' in election loss, says Hillary Clinton – video
April 7, 2017 Hillary Clinton says she has spent a lot of time wrestling with the fact that 53% of white women voted for Donald Trump and that misogyny certainly 'played a role' in her 2016 election loss. Speaking in her first interview since the loss at the Women ...
Hillary Clinton calls for US to bomb Syrian air fields
April 6, 2017 Asked whether she now believes that failing to take a tougher stand against Syria was her worst foreign policy mistake as secretary of state under President Barack Obama, Clinton said she favored more aggressive action against Syrian President Bashar ...
Hillary Clinton says she supported more aggressive action in Syria
April 6, 2017 NEW YORK -- Hillary Clinton said she supported more aggressive action in Syria while she was secretary of state, and spoke out about what she believes the U.S.
Hillary Clinton calls for strikes against Syrian airfields
April 6, 2017 Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton spoke out Thursday about how she would respond to Tuesday's chemical attack in Syria, promoting U.S. action to prevent further attacks with civilian casualties. Speaking at the Women in the World ...
Hillary Clinton: US should 'take out' Assad's air fields
April 6, 2017 (CNN) Hillary Clinton called on the United States to take out Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad's Air Force on Thursday, days after a chemical attack killed more than 70 people in the war-torn country.
Curt Schilling targets Hillary Clinton, predicts World War III
March 30, 2017 The three-time World Series champ and six-time All-Star was fired in April by the sports network for repeatedly breaking its 2016 Presidential Election Policy.
Hillary Clinton: Sean Spicer Guilty of 'Everyday Sexism' (VIDEO)
March 29, 2017 Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accused White House press secretary Sean Spicer of sexism Tuesday during a speech in San Francisco.
Hillary Clinton Defends Maxine Waters And Black Reporter April Ryan In Powerful Speech
March 29, 2017 Hillary Clinton is coming to the defense of Congresswoman Maxine Waters and reporter April Ryan who were both recently targeted by White, pompous, right winged men.
Hillary Clinton slams Trump, Sean Spicer in late-night speech
March 29, 2017 President Trump made surprising comments about the future of the health care fight in Washington. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton used a late-night speech to criticize Trump as well as his press secretary Sean Spicer, who told reporter April Ryan to “stop ...
Women, Hillary Clinton among them, stand up for April Ryan, Maxine Waters — they 'were simply doing their jobs'
March 29, 2017 Only a few hours apart on Tuesday, two black women were confronted by white, male public figures in exchanges that many viewed as demeaning and disparaging.
In Latest Speech, Hillary Clinton Defends April Ryan and Maxine Waters Against 'Indignities'
March 29, 2017 "One of our own California congressmen Maxine Waters was taunted with a racist joke about her hair," Clinton said on Tuesday.
Hillary Clinton To Speak at Lincoln Center Women's Summit Next Week
March 29, 2017 Clinton also addressed a controversial moment from earlier that day at a White House news conference, when Press Secretary Sean Spicer twice reprimanded journalist April Ryan for shaking her head at him. "April Ryan, a respected journalist with ...
Hillary Clinton Defended April Ryan & Maxine Waters By Urging All Women To Take A Stand
March 28, 2017 During her closing remarks at the Professional Business Women of California conference on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton defended April Ryan and Rep. Maxine Waters (a veteran White House Reporter and California Representative, respectively) who each ...
Hillary Clinton just took a stand to defend Maxine Waters and April Ryan
March 28, 2017 Clinton denounced Trump's press secretary Sean Spicer, who on Tuesday scolded black female reporter April Ryan for shaking her head during a briefing, and O'Reilly for a blatantly racist joke about how black Congresswoman Maxine Waters' hair ...
Hillary Clinton Criticizes Sean Spicer And Bill O'Reilly
March 28, 2017 ... a respected journalist with unrivaled integrity, was doing her job just this afternoon in the White House pressroom when she was patronized and cut off trying to ask a question,” Clinton said.
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