Trump Accuses Hillary Clinton of Collusion to Beat "Crazy Bernie Sanders"
June 25, 2017 Donald Trump may be president, but he is somehow still concerned with the 2016 Democratic primary election. On Sunday, the president took to Twitter to slam Hillary Clinton and accuse her of colluding with the Democrats to beat Senator Bernie Sanders ...
Donald Trump blasts Russia probes, says Hillary Clinton 'colluded' with Democrats to bury Bernie Sanders
June 25, 2017 Mr Mnuchin exchanged vows with Louise Linton at the Andrew W Mellon Auditorium in Washington. The US First Lady wore a pink blush dress and the president was in a tux.
Trump Takes to Twitter to Complain How Hillary Clinton 'Colluded' to Beat 'Crazy Bernie Sanders'
June 25, 2017 On the morning that another interview he conducted with Fox & Friends was scheduled to air, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to comment on the Democratic presidential primary that took place over a year ago.
Hillary Clinton Says 'Wonder Woman' Is 'Right Up My Alley' in Video Message at Crystal + Lucy Awards
June 14, 2017 Lucy honoree Tracee Ellis Ross was introduced by Obama via video and received her award from Aisha Tyler. She continued Nair's message that while there was cause for celebration, much work needed to be done to progress women in Hollywood.
Hillary Clinton Honors Elizabeth Banks, Name-Drops Patty Jenkins, 'Wonder Woman' in Video
June 14, 2017 That's what the 69-year-old politician revealed during a surprise video message presented at the Women in Film Los Angeles' Crystal + Lucy Awards on Tuesday night in Beverly Hills.
Miley Cyrus' Pride Single 'Inspired' Has a Hillary Clinton and Father's Day Angle as Well
June 11, 2017 You didn't think Miley Cyrus would let Pride month go by without offering something special, did you? On Friday (June 9), one of the queer community's most ardent pop advocates gifted “Inspired,” the second taste of her still-untitled sixth album, due ...
Manchin: Does Comey think he'd have been fired if Hillary Clinton had won?
June 8, 2017 James B. Comey, the former FBI director-turned-Trump-tormenter, caused millions of Americans to halt whatever they were doing Thursday morning and turn eyes and ears to his stolid yet gripping testimony before a Senate committee plumbing the depth of ...
Kathy Griffin and Hillary Clinton: Wonder Women?
June 2, 2017 Instead, after receiving a thoroughly well-earned national razzing, Griffin broke down in tears and played the victim at a press conference more shameful than the stunt that led to it. Claiming others are being too mean is a curious tack for someone ...
Hillary Clinton: Writing my book can be 'so exhausting'
June 1, 2017 Hillary Clinton said Thursday that the act of writing her book is sometimes "exhausting" and requires her to either talk a walk, or take a nap.
Hillary Clinton hysteria shows Democrats are asking themselves the wrong questions
June 1, 2017 1 issue in Democratic circles has been Hillary Clinton. Even as most elected officials and the new party leadership try to steer clear of the latest firestorm -- and steady the focus on more pressing matters -- the party establishment's chattering ...
Hillary Clinton Once Demanded Separate Plane Rather Than Share One With Michelle Obama
June 1, 2017 Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton once requested to fly in a separate plane rather than share one with then-First Lady Michelle Obama, according to newly released emails.
Hillary Clinton Found Dead?
June 1, 2017 On 29 May 2017, the Fresh News web site posted a page with the headline “BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Found Dead.” The sub-heading reads “See the report below” and is followed by the music video for Rick Astley's 1987 global megahit “Never Gonna Give ...
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