Hillary Clinton Emerges To Give Brutal Takedown Of Trump And GOP's Racist Attacks On Women
March 28, 2017 April Ryan, an immensely respected journalist with unrivaled integrity, was doing her job just this afternoon, and she was patronized and cut off as she tried to ask a question.
Hillary Clinton after health care bill pulled: 'Victory for all Americans'
March 24, 2017 Shortly after the House vote on the Obamacare repeal bill was pulled on Friday, President Trump said, "...now we'll go back to real life and people will see how bad it (Obamacare) is.
Hillary Clinton on GOP Health Care Bill Failure: 'Today Was a Victory'
March 24, 2017 "Today was a victory for the 24, 000, 000, people at risk of losing their health insurance, for senior, for families battling the quiet epidemic of addiction, for new moms and women everywhere," she wrote in a statement posted on Twitter.
Haim Saban: the Power Rangers billionaire who funded Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign
March 24, 2017 In a six degrees of Kevin Bacon kind of way, there is a direct link between Rita Repulsa and Hillary Clinton. And, no, that's not a derogatory comment.
Seth Meyers Thinks James Comey Turned Hillary Clinton into Arya Stark
March 21, 2017 After all, if F.B.I. director James Comey confirming an investigation into potential links between the Russian government and the president's campaign won't do it, what will?
Seth Meyers on what Hillary Clinton and Game of Thrones' Arya Stark share in common
March 21, 2017 American politics has certainly ramped up its internal drama high enough to rival any episode of Game of Thrones at this point. Monday brought the revelation, courtesy of its director James Comey, that the FBI have been investigating for months whether ...
Hillary Clinton Says She's 'Ready to Come Out of the Woods'
March 18, 2017 Hillary Clinton spoke at the Society of Irish Women's annual St. Patrick's Day dinner on Friday in Scranton, Pa. Credit Matt Rourke/Associated Press.
Hillary Clinton Sasses Donald Trump On Twitter
March 17, 2017 Hillary Clinton lost the presidency, but she sure as hell wants to keep her legion of fans content on Twitter. Exhibit A: Her first tweet in nine days was thinly-veiled swipe at President Donald Trump Friday on Twitter. She quote tweeted a tweet ...
Who Will Play Hillary Clinton In Upcoming Movie; Paris Jackson Declines Music Projects
March 16, 2017 A new Hillary Clinton movie is in the works and guess who will be playing the secretary of state? Glenn Close. “Glenn and Meryl's name has been mentioned a lot.
Here's What Hillary Clinton Wants You to Remember This International Women's Day
March 8, 2017 While many are using International Women's Day as jumping-off point to talk about gender inequality and the multitude of setbacks that women face, Hillary Clinton has a more uplifting message for young girls.
7 Reasons Why the Mike Pence and Hillary Clinton Email Stories Are Not the Same
March 4, 2017 That said, there is no shortage of Schadenfreude and snark emanating from the disclosure by The Indianapolis Star that, as Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence used an AOL account to conduct some state business. Here, critics of the Vice President contend, ...
Mike Pence: 'No comparison' between his, Hillary Clinton's email practices
March 3, 2017 INDIANAPOLIS - Vice President Mike Pence made his first public comments Friday about his use of a private AOL email account to conduct some public business while he was Indiana's governor.
Comparing Mike Pence and Hillary Clinton's Personal Email Use
March 3, 2017 Revelations that Vice President Mike Pence occasionally used a personal email account to conduct state business as governor of Indiana has prompted comparisons by some to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's use of a personal email server for ...
When Mike Pence pulled a Hillary Clinton - another email scandal in the making?
March 3, 2017 WASHINGTON, U.S. - According to public records obtained by the Indianapolis Star, Vice President Mike Pence used a private email account to conduct state business while he was governor of Indiana.
Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama turn down 'Dancing With the Stars'
February 26, 2017 According to Us Weekly, both Clinton, who stretched her résumé after her years in the White House to include the Senate, the State Department and two bids for the U.S.
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