Syrian Refugees Kick Off 2018 With Massive Blood Drive
January 2, 2018
With 3 Words, Supreme Court Opens a World of Uncertainty for Refugees
June 27, 2017 On Monday, the Supreme Court threw into question whether such refugees, who are among the most vulnerable people seeking a haven after fleeing persecution or conflict, will be approved for resettlement in the United States.
Bee Gees Barry Gibb reveals childhood abuse ordeal
June 20, 2017 Aisleyne Horgan Wallace eee through swimuit. Aisleyne exposes absolutely everything in see-through swimsuit · Drake Bell and Josh Peck. Drake Bell hits out at on-screen brother Josh Peck over weddin... Made In Chelsea cast. Made In Chelsea insensitive ...
San Francisco Refugees Go From 'Hell No' to 'Hello Sacramento'
June 15, 2017 As the cost of daily life tests the bounds of gravity in San Francisco, a beneficiary has emerged 90 miles away. Sacramento, the California capital whose last flirtation with national prominence arguably was during the 19th-century Gold Rush, is seeing ...
EU launches legal action against 3 countries over refugees
June 14, 2017 Two girls play with a doll near their shelter at a beach outside Souda refugee camp, Chios island, Greece, on Friday, June 9, 2017.
Refugees May Be Good For The Economy
June 14, 2017 As the Trump administration continues pushing to limit - and temporarily block entirely - the admission of refugees into the United States, new research finds that refugees, over time, end up being valuable contributors to the economy.
United Nations Sends Aid to 10000 Syrian Refugees Using Ethereum Blockchain
June 13, 2017 One of the largest-ever implementations of the ethereum blockchain for a charitable cause has just concluded a successful trial.
Police escort gaggle of geese across busy interstate
June 6, 2017 The video, shot by comedian Wil Sylvince, shows a remarkably calm police officer try to get the woman later identified as PHL 17 on-air talent Colleen Campbell to just go home. Instead, Campbell goes off on the officer for about two minutes until she ...
Robert Gates Warns of More Attacks Like Manchester, As Fleeing ISIS Fighters Pose As Refugees
May 24, 2017 ( - Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Tuesday that the downfall of ISIS' “caliphate” in the Middle East would not necessarily mean the defeat of committed individuals who, pretending to be refugees, may travel to Western countries ...
Professor explains arrival of Asian refugees
May 3, 2017 Nineteenth century Asian immigrants' experiences were a paradox, “visible, yet invisible,” North Lake College history professor Roy Vu told TR students April 27.
Ivanka Trump calls Syrian refugees a 'global humanitarian crisis'
April 26, 2017 "Ivanka is a mother of three kids and she has influence. I'm sure she said: 'Listen, this is horrible stuff,'" Eric Trump told the Telegraph.
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