National Best Friends Day: List Of Quotes And Funny Sayings About Friendship
June 8, 2017 Thursday is the day to pay tribute to your best friends. National Best Friends Day 2017 is the perfect time to tell your best pals how much you care and what better way to express your feelings than sharing one of the following quotes?
Jenny Slate Is a Funny and Flailing California Raisin in Landline Trailer
June 8, 2017 If you were a fan of the best abortion romcom of all time, Obvious Child, then you're probably going to love writer and director Gillian Robespierre's new movie Landline, which has her reuniting with Jenny Slate. In the film, Slate and Ali Quinn play ...
Going Overboard with the comedy! Funnywoman Anna Faris gets her costar Eva Longoria giggling on set in Vancouver
June 6, 2017 So it's no wonder Anna Faris got her costar Eva Longoria laughing on set of their new movie, a remake of 1987 comedy Overboard, in Vancouver on Tuesday.
Allow The Funny Parents Of Twitter To Explain Father's Day
June 5, 2017 The countdown is on for Father's Day, which means presents, celebrations and funny tweets from parents. Every year, the comical moms and dads of Twitter share their thoughts on the holiday, which include their takes on their kids' (mis)behavior on the ...
Kelsey Grammer Chin Up, Kathy Griffin ... Funny Trumps Controversy
June 3, 2017 Kelsey Grammer ain't buying what Kathy Griffin's selling -- her career won't be ruined in the wake of the President Trump beheading photo ... IF she follows his advice. We got Kelsey at The Palm and asked him about Kathy's tearful news conference in ...
Kathy Griffin's Gaffe Proves She Doesn't Know What's Funny Anymore
June 2, 2017 And then today she had a press conference with her attorney Lisa Bloom, apologizing again, but also claiming that she's under Secret Service investigation, that she's getting death threats and has been dropped from multiple jobs - five and counting.
This Comedic Treatment of the Murder on the Orient Express Trailer Doesn't Stop Being Funny
June 1, 2017 Many took amused notice that the preview for the movie, which takes place in the 1930s, contains an off-putting needle drop moment introduction to Kenneth Branagh's character scored by contemporary rock group Imagine Dragons.
One Month at a Time: Am I funny? Facing my fear of stand-up comedy
June 1, 2017 Bil is the Ken Jennings of The Liars Contest. He won so many times he had to quit entering or take a job writing radio commercials (Full disclosure: I used to write radio commercials).
Nicole Murphy Thinks Trump's Beheaded Pic is 'Funny' and He Deserves It
May 31, 2017 Nicole Murphy got a big laugh at Kathy Griffin's pic holding a bloody, beheaded image of President Trump ... and she even thinks he was asking for it.
Preacher Lawson Delivers Funny Family Comedy Standup On ...
May 31, 2017 Preacher Lawson over-delivers for the judges and crushes his audition with some family humor on America's Got Talent. Lawson, who started doing stand-up ...
Kevin Love drops funny quote about his Minnesota days
May 31, 2017 On the eve of the 2017 NBA Finals, Kevin Love is taking some time to reflect on how far he has come … or something like that.
Father John Misty Is Funny—Even When Life Isn't
May 31, 2017 ... in a flavor Baskin-Robbins would call Didactic Deadpan. “No—a Twitter rant is a Twitter rant.” In fact, it's context he frets most about: This album was written in 2015, mastered pre-election 2016, and is intent on giving humanity, not just Trump ...
Bryce Harper has funny quote about Mike Morse in fight
May 30, 2017 Mike Morse fight ants pitcher Jeff Samardzija, but Morse, now with San Francisco, happened to run into it first. That shielded Harper from the hit. I feel like not enough attention is being paid to this collision between teammates Michael Morse and ...
Liam Gallagher admits he will always troll Noel because 'I find it f***ing funny'
May 30, 2017 The brothers' rivalry has been played out in public over the years, particularly with the growth of social media, and Liam has admitted he has no plans to stop the public teasing because it's 'f**king funny'. Well, fair enough. Speaking to NME, he said ...
This Spoof Donald Trump Nature Documentary By Funny Or Die Absolutely Captures Trump's NATO Experience
May 26, 2017 The mockumentary, if I may, begins with the moment when Trump pushed the Montenegrin prime minister aside in order to put himself back in the front of the group.