O'Reilly Calls Out 'Ideological Zealots' Al Franken & Elizabeth Warren
February 8, 2017 Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and her outspoken criticism of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), the newly confirmed attorney general. O'Reilly explained that Warren wanted to paint Sessions as a racist by reading a letter written by civil rights activist Coretta ...
Al Franken and Jake Tapper channel Aaron Sorkin and still the good guy eats it
February 8, 2017 Al Franken, D-Minn., and CNN's Jake Tapper each, separately, gave the sort of “jaded-but-noble” performance typically only seen in a Sorkin production.
WATCH: Al Franken Denounces Betsy DeVos As 'Fundamentally Incompetent'
February 7, 2017 “I voted against the nomination of Betsy DeVos, a billionaire Republican donor, because she is the most incompetent cabinet-level nominee I have ever seen.
WATCH: Al Franken Claps Back at Ted Cruz Over Attorney General Nominee
February 2, 2017 “Let's talk about who is trying to impugn the record of another senator,” Franken said, responding to Cruz's claim that Franken was smearing Sessions in disputing the Alabama senator's record on civil rights (this part of the video starts about four ...
Tensions boil over in Sessions hearing as Al Franken unloads on Ted Cruz and Trump's voter-fraud claims
February 1, 2017 Jeff Sessions to be attorney general. Franken, the Democratic senator from Minnesota, attacked Sessions for what he said was misrepresenting his participation in civil-rights cases when he was an attorney and accused Sen. Ted Cruz of distorting ...
John Cornyn jumps to Ted Cruz's defense in dispute with Al Franken
February 1, 2017 U.S. Sen. John Cornyn jumped to the defense of his Senate colleague, Ted Cruz, at a hearing on Wednesday. At issue was Cruz's remarks during a recent confirmation hearing for one of President Trump's cabinet picks.
WATCH: Al Franken unloads on Ted Cruz for 'trying to impugn' his integrity in heated Senate hearing
February 1, 2017 Sen. Al Franken (D - MN) was not happy with Sen. Ted Cruz (R - TX) for allegedly impugning his integrity - and on Wednesday, he let the world hear about it during a heated exchange with his fellow senators.
Al Franken says a restaurant employee told him to oppose Betsy DeVos
January 31, 2017 January 31, 2017 12:49 PM EST - Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) on Jan 31 said a restaurant employee told him last week to vote against the confirmation of Betsy DeVos, President Trump's nominee for education secretary. (Senate Committee on Health, ...
Sen. Franken: No Democrat will vote for Betsy DeVos as education secretary — and we're seeking Republicans to ...
January 27, 2017 Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) told Rachel Maddow on her MSNBC show Thursday night that no Democrat will vote to confirm Betsy DeVos, the Michigan billionaire tapped by President Trump to be his education secretary. He also said Democrats were actively ...
Fox Switches ‘The Martian’ and ‘Victor Frankenstein’ Dates
June 10, 2015 EXCLUSIVE: 20th Century Fox is swapping dates with two of its fall movies. The Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain-starring The Martian is moving out of Thanksgiving and up to October 2nd and Victor Frankenstein starring James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe is ...
Frankenthaler Pumpenhersteller KSB streicht weitere 255 Stellen - dpa-Landesdienst - Rhein-Zeitung
June 12, 2014 Frankenthal (dpa/lrs) - Der Frankenthaler Pumpen- und Armaturenhersteller KSB will in den kommenden zwei Jahren weitere 255 Stellen in Deutschland streichen. Für den größeren Teil der betroffenen Beschäftigten bedeute dies voraussichtlich eine ...
“I, Frankenstein”
January 26, 2014 CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – You'll recall I said that “Devil's Due” was the worst movie so far this year. That was before I had to sit through “I, Frankenstein”. Apparently the man made monster has more staying power than even I imagined. Let's hope this ...
Youngstown News, The sci-fi horror film “I, Frankenstein” lumbered into theaters Friday, just the latest
January 25, 2014 The sci-fi horror film “I, Frankenstein” lumbered into theaters Friday, just the latest in movie reincarnations of the monster made from human parts. Here are five other notable movies based on the creature invented by novelist Mary Shelley in 1818:.
Review: I, Frankenstein
January 25, 2014 For anyone else who might be thinking of going into this movie with the minimal level of background details as me, Frankenstein is essentially the Frankenstein's monster story repurposed into a modern superhero movie. In fact, our unaging hero carries ...
Film Review: ‘I, Frankenstein’ is monstrously horrible
January 25, 2014 Mary Shelley must be turning over in her grave right now. Really, Lionsgate? It's no wonder you didn't screen “I, Frankenstein” for critics before its wide release. I wouldn't have, either, considering just how much damaged you've done to a literary ...
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