'SHUT UP!': Watch Bill O'Reilly lose it when Al Franken exposes him as a liar during vintage segment
April 19, 2017 In 2003, he faced off with one of the subjects of his book, the infamous Bill O'Reilly, during a panel discussion at the author event BookExpo.
After dominating first week, the spark is back for Frankenmuth softball
April 14, 2017 Frankenmuth's Hannah Karwat (10) eyes a pitch in the sixth inning of their 2015 MHSAA Division 2 softball championship game. (Mike Mulholland | MLive.
From feeling like she would die to 'looking like Frankenstein' - Mama June's terrifying weight loss journey to ...
April 1, 2017 The star, real named June Shannon, shot to fame as the mother of young beauty pageant contestant Honey Boo Boo. Following the end of her marriage to Sugar Bear, she made a decision to shed the pounds and began a strict fitness and health regime, ...
'My body looks like Frankenstein': Mama June 'hates' major skin removal surgery and cancels second round of ...
March 27, 2017 She was told she'd needed to get down to 190 pounds in order to undergo the massive set of skin removal surgeries. But 'Mama' June Shannon was able to slide through by the skin of her teeth at 193 pounds on Friday night's episode of WE tv's From Not To ...
Sen. Al Franken to Gorsuch: Are You Part of Steve Bannon's Plan for Deconstruction of the Administrative State?
March 21, 2017 During Judge Neil Gorsuch's Supreme Court confirmation hearing on Tuesday, Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) asked Gorsuch about remarks made by President Donald Trump's Chief of Staff Reince Preibus and Chief Strategist Steve Bannon at the recent ...
Neil Gorsuch Spars With Al Franken, Criticizes Trump at Confirmation Hearing
March 21, 2017 During his confirmation hearings, Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch also called Trump's attacks on federal judges "disheartening" and "demoralizing.
Al Franken Grills Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch: “I Had A Career Identifying Absurdity And I Know It When I ...
March 21, 2017 Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch kept his cool for the most part during today's one-part-contentious-one-part-treacle confirmation hearing.
Sen. Al Franken brands Gorsuch a partisan and 'absurd'
March 21, 2017 As Supreme Court nominee Neil M. Gorsuch asserts that he is beholden to no ideology or partisan agenda, Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee are working hard to make the case that is not true.
WATCH: Al Franken Presses Gorsuch on 'Frozen Trucker Case'
March 21, 2017 Senator Al Franken (D-Minnesota) engaged Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch in a contentious exchange over one of Gorsuch's dissents on the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.
Al Franken tours Burnsville High School
March 20, 2017 Franken took a brief tour of the school on March 16, seeing highlights including the Geek Squad desk, the engineering lab and the kitchen.
Sunday WashPost Puff Piece Champions Al Franken as 'Perfect Senator' and 'Breakout Political Star'
March 19, 2017 To underline how The Washington Post is a Democratic Party newspaper, the Sunday edition has a front-page puff piece on Sen. Al Franken. “Franken takes a judicious approach,” reads the newspaper headline. Online, the love is more palpable: “Al Franken ...
Al Franken has found a new role in the Trump era
March 19, 2017 But in Al Franken's suite of offices in the Hart Senate Office Building, the man still known best as one of the early stars of "Saturday Night Live" was going through an intense rehearsal with four aides.
Doggone it: Al Franken could play a giant role in Gorsuch hearings
March 19, 2017 But in Al Franken's suite of offices in the Hart Senate Office Building, the man still known best as one of the early stars of Saturday Night Live was going through an intense rehearsal with four aides.
Al Franken may be the perfect senator for the Trump era — a deadly serious funnyman
March 18, 2017 It was a half-hour before one of the sparsely attended committee hearings that take place almost every day on Capitol Hill - in this case, a session on energy infrastructure so dry it would not merit even the presence of a C-SPAN camera.
Sen. Franken meets Somali girl caught up in travel ban ... - CNN.com
March 17, 2017 US Sen. Al Franken has met with a young Somali girl whose reunion with her mother was delayed by President Donald Trump's travel ban on immigrants from ...
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