Real Madrid's B-side and Barcelona's 'recital' play familiar La Liga tune
April 6, 2017 Málaga's manager Míchel González called it liberation, safety virtually secured against Sporting Gijón. Real Betis's fans called for coach Víctor Sánchez del Amo to go, just like Gus Poyet, except that time they actually wrote a letter demanding his ...
Pedro Guerrero sale de coma y mejora notablemente según su familia
April 5, 2017 Pedro Guerrero salió de coma cerca de las 5:00 de la tarde de este martes y está en franca recuperación informaron sus familiares este miércoles. El ex pelotero dominicano se encuentra recluido en el Lenox Hill Hospital de Nueva York, tras sufrir un ...
An Uncomfortably Familiar Problem for a Trump Nominee
April 5, 2017 Federal judge Neil Gorsuch allegedly copied text and language from several sources without proper attribution in two of his written works, throwing an 11th-hour curveball into the Senate confirmation process for President Trump's Supreme Court nominee.
Texans left with familiar question as Tony Romo walks away from football
April 4, 2017 April 4, 2017 12:52pm EDT April 4, 2017 12:39pm EDT Tony Romo could have provided Houston the boost it needed to reach Super Bowl 52.
Mets bullpen proves it can be force without Jeurys Familia
April 3, 2017 The difference in the Mets' 6-0 season-opening rout of Atlanta was the bullpens. The Braves' relievers were putrid, while the Mets' - shorthanded and all - were near perfect. The bullpen was without suspended closer Jeurys Familia and Seth Lugo ...
Unfamiliar faces -- and North Carolina -- make up a very different Final Four
March 26, 2017 Never (Gonzaga), never (South Carolina), might as well have been never (Oregon) and North Carolina -- that's the simple way of looking at this Final Four. South Carolina, a team that finished third in a maligned SEC, hadn't won an NCAA tournament game ...
'Shark Tank' was unfamiliar water for entertainers, but led to Las Vegas shows
March 25, 2017 Hanson is the first to admit “I'm not a showman.” But he is working with Las Vegas pros to polish his 75-minute afternoon show.
Can 'Life' Overcome That Too-Familiar Feeling?
March 24, 2017 Life hits theaters Friday, with Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal and space crew facing off against… something in orbit above the Earth.
Life review: this space-horror movie is a creepy but familiar cover of Alien
March 24, 2017 The new space-thriller Life borrows a lot of its broad ideas and narrow story beats from Alien, to the point where it feels like a cover version of Scott's film, and one of the elements it most prominently borrows is the idea of an alien that grows ...
Life Is a Familiar Alien Horror Story That Pays Off
March 24, 2017 Life is grueling. Life is hard. Life is surprisingly beautiful in moments, and not just because Jake Gyllenhaal is in it.
Final Four brings familiar 'big event' feeling to Phoenix area
March 24, 2017 University of Phoenix Stadium hosts its first NCAA Men's Final Four on Mar. 24, 2017 in Glendale, Ariz. Rob Schumacher/azcentral sports.
How 'Deadpool's' writers found scary new 'Life' in a familiar space alien story
March 23, 2017 In the film, a group of astronauts - including stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds and Rebecca Ferguson - aboard the International Space Station collect a soil sample from Mars that turns out to have a definitive example of life on another planet.
Donald Trump envió sus condolencias a la familia de Kurt Cochran, estadounidense muerto en el atentado en Londres
March 23, 2017 El presidente de los Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, envió el jueves sus condolencias a la familia de Kurt Cochran, el estadounidense de 54 años que murió en el atentatdo terrorista en Londres. "Un gran estadounidense, Kurt Cochran, fue muerto en el ...
Review: 'Life' offers familiar alien scares but with a crafty monster
March 23, 2017 Looking for intelligent life in the universe always seems like an OK plan until a savvy malevolent alien organism goes berserk on your space vessel.
Giraffe cam gets familiar new sponsor; park plans donation
March 23, 2017 TAMPA (FOX 13) - As the internet watches and waits for April the giraffe to give birth, there's at least one noticeable change on the video feed from her pen - a new sponsor logo.
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