E3 2014: Nintendo Teases New Amiibo Figures -- Game & Watch, Toad, and More - GameSpot
June 11, 2014 E3 2014: Nintendo Teases New Amiibo Figures -- Game & Watch, Toad, and More. If you pay careful attention to Nintendo's E3 presentation, you may have gotten a glimpse at some upcoming Amiibo figurines. Who do you want to see? justinhaywald ...
These are the biggest PlayStation games at E3 2014
June 11, 2014 The launch window is over. The PlayStation 4 is, for now, leading the sales charts and the best way for Sony to keep driving that momentum this generation is with -- what else? -- compelling games. This year's showing at Sony's E3 booth is no different ...
7 must-see video game trailers from E3 2014
June 11, 2014 CLEVELAND, Ohio – The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, aka E3, is like Comic-Con for video games fans. Not only do you have fans and celebrities gathering, but you have gaming companies battling it out harder than the characters they've created.
E3 2014: Meet the Alienware Alpha console
June 11, 2014 The Steam Machine may be delayed until 2015, but that isn't stopping Alienware from forging ahead with its own living room console designed around Valve's Steam Big Picture mode. Shown off at the E3 show floor, the Alienware Alpha console will ship ...
E3 2014: The Next-gen begins in 2015 - GameSpot
June 11, 2014 As predicted, E3 2014 has been all about the games. Microsoft and Sony's press conferences were dominated by big names like Tomb Raider, Uncharted, and Halo. Nintendo wheeled out Zelda and Mario. And there were indie titles too, like the breathtaking ...
E3 2014: The Next-Gen Scale of Batman: Arkham Knight - GameSpot
June 11, 2014 But now that I've been able to play through some more Arkham Knight here at E3 2014, there's something else I want to talk about. First, allow me to apologize in advance to everyone who's still clinging to their Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 consoles ...
E3 2014: We Released the Kraken in Evolve. And it ate Everybody. - GameSpot
June 10, 2014 My Evolve experience at this year's E3 wasn't quite as successful as Dan's. I mean, my team of hunters won and everything, but it took quite a bit longer than a mere five minutes. I blame the E3 sleepiness. Still, I'd at least hoped my previous ...
E3 2014: Making Peace in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain - GameSpot
June 10, 2014 The demo started the same way the trailer did from E3 2013. Ocelot and Snake ride on horseback into a sandstorm in the middle of Afghanistan with the aim of infiltrating a Soviet-controlled base to rescue their comrade, Kazuhira Miller. This scene ...
E3 2014: Highlights of Day 1 - CNET
June 10, 2014 Are small pieces of plastic enough to save Nintendo's struggling Wii U? That's what the esteemed Japanese game company is certainly hoping, with Nintendo kicking off the official first day of the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) with the ...
E3 2014: Nintendo unveils NFC-enabled figurines, new games - CBS News
June 10, 2014 "We see 'amiibo' as a brand-new platform for us," Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, said on the E3 show floor Tuesday morning. "We use the term 'platform' specifically. Today, it's figures. In the future, it could be other things that ...
E3 2014: That Uncharted 4 trailer was made from an in-game engine
June 10, 2014 Coirrinne Yu works at Naughty Dog for coding animation and graphics. It's safe to say that she knows a thing or do about that Uncharted 4 teaser we saw at the end of Sony's E3 press conference. So when she was asked whether or not it was in-game, she ...
Nintendo Direct E3 2014 recap: Amiibo, squid-girls, Smash Bros.
June 10, 2014 Nintendo skipped the traditional stage-based press conference this year at E3, but considering that allowed for a Robot Chicken-animated introduction and a Super Smash Bros.-inspired fistfight between Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime and ...
E3 2014: Nintendo Reveals Skylanders-Like Toys, Finalizes Super Smash Bros 3DS Release « CBS Sacramento
June 10, 2014 Attendees play against each other in a game of Super Smash Bros. on a giant screen in the Nintendo section of E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo June 10, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. The annual video game conference and show runs June 10-12.
E3 2014: Nintendo Press Conference Impressions Reactions - GameSpot
June 10, 2014 Nintendo may not have had an actual press conference, but they still came to E3 in force with new game announcements and exciting trailers. You can review all of their biggest announcements in our Nintendo Direct live blog, but here's what stood out to ...
E3 2014 Valiant Hearts: The Great War Preview: They better not kill the dog
June 10, 2014 Last night was the first chance I had to actually go hands-on with Valiant Hearts: The Great War, Ubisoft's upcoming (releasing June 25) game set during World War I. Through a unique hand-drawn art style -- powered by the UbiArt Framework (the same ...
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