'Preacher' season 2 makes 'Game of Thrones' seem like 'Downton Abbey'
June 23, 2017 "There were moments when I read the scripts that I honestly can't believe what we're about to do," he laughs. "It's a brave show," says McTavish.
'Preacher' season 2 makes 'Game of Thrones' seem like 'Downton Abbey'
June 23, 2017 "There were moments when I read the scripts that I honestly can't believe what we're about to do," he laughs. "It's a brave show," says McTavish.
How a 'Downton' star embraced killer role in 'Dark Angel'
May 22, 2017 Now the Golden Globe-winning actress has taken on the role of a real killer in the two-part “Dark Angel,” beginning to air Sunday on “Masterpiece.
Downton Abbey's Joanne Froggatt on playing a serial killer in Masterpiece's Dark Angel
May 19, 2017 Froggatt takes on the life of Mary Ann Cotton, the true story of Britain's first female serial killer, in the new Masterpiece series Dark Angel, premiering Sunday at 9 p.m.
Review: Another 'Downton Abbey' Heroine Goes Dark
May 19, 2017 She's playing Mary Ann Cotton, a real-life Victorian woman who was believed to be a pioneering female serial killer. Anna Bates may have been suspected of killing Mr. Green, but Mary Ann was the real thing, thought to have committed from 13 to 21 ...
'Downton Abbey's' Anna is a Victorian serial killer in Masterpiece's 'Dark Angel'
May 14, 2017 There's a feminist tinge to "Dark Angel," as Mary Ann frequently complains about Victorian women's dependence on men.
Dan Stevens Reunites With 'Downton Abbey' Co-Stars Joanne Froggatt & Laura Carmichael
March 19, 2017 Dan Stevens ran into former co-stars Joanne Froggatt and Laura Carmichael at the 2017 Three Empire Awards held at The Roundhouse on Sunday (March 19) in London, England.
From Downton Dreamboat to Shirtless and Ripped: Beauty and the Beast Star Dan Stevens' Amazing Body Makeovers
March 18, 2017 Just call him a chameleon. Dan Stevens shot to fame in the properly British Downton Abbey, but he's had a variety of roles since.
Dan Stevens has organised an impromptu Downton Abbey reunion: 'Look who I ran into!'
March 18, 2017 Also sharing the image to his feed, Hugh said he couldn't wait to check out his Downton 'compadre' Dan in Beauty And The Beast.
Who is Dan Stevens? Star of Beauty and the Beast, Downton Abbey and Marvel's Legion
March 17, 2017 Dan was then cast as the Beast in Disney's live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast alongside Emma Watson as Belle. He also stars as David Charles Haller in the FX and Marvel Television series Legion, the first TV series to be connected to the X-Men ...
Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens and Laura Carmichael reunite at Christopher Kane fashion bash
March 17, 2017 Attending the bash in honour of the brand's latest capsule collection, which is inspired by his latest project, Beauty and The Beast, Dan cut a casual yet suave figure. Leaving his prosthetics at home, the actor - who plays the titular Beast in the ...
Dan Stevens on Beauty and the Beast, life after Downton and his trim new look
March 10, 2017 Having spent three years playing the ill-fated Matthew Crawley, the accidental heir to Downton Abbey, Dan Stevens seemed fixed in the public's perception as a thoroughly well-bred chap: a purveyor of good manners, good looks and period dramas.
Monsters, maniacs, and Matthew Crawley: the freakishly good post-Downton career of Dan Stevens
March 8, 2017 When Dan Stevens left Downton Abbey at the conclusion of the Christmas episode following season three, leaving millions of fans howling their outrage at the sudden death of his romantic lead, Matthew Crawley, it seemed that he might never hit the same ...
Dan Stevens Keeps Apologizing for His Abrupt Departure from Downton Abbey
March 6, 2017 Dan Stevens left the cast of Downton Abbey back in 2012, a departure that caused his character, the much-beloved Matthew Crawley, to die tragically in a car crash (after surviving both World War I and a Spanish flu epidemic, no less).
'There were some very upset people!' Dan Stevens reveals he is STILL apologising to Downton Abbey fans for his ...
March 5, 2017 But Dan Stevens says he is still apologising to Downton Abbey fans for the way aristocrat Matthew Crawley met his death during the festive special.
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