Justice Anthony Kennedy, Culture Warrior
June 27, 2017 Casey, the court more or less confirmed this recognition when it upheld the outcome of Roe while substituting an entirely new rationale for it.
Vince Staples Explains Why There's No Such Thing As 'The Culture'
June 26, 2017 In an Everyday Struggle episode on Complex News, Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks and Nadeska Alexis sat down for a candid with rapper Vince Staples.
Weekly Culture Review: “GLOW,” Prodigy, “Transformers,” and More
June 24, 2017 If you prefer a more knowing, playful kind of violence—or if your aesthetic is more L.A. in the eighties—Netflix's “GLOW,” a comedy about the real-life Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, will be available to binge. (A “GLOW” documentary is available, too ...
Mahershala Ali and GLOW: The Week in Pop-Culture Writing
June 24, 2017 “Despite GLOW's rhinestone-encrusted shrug in the direction of verisimilitude, and despite its emphasis on campiness and comedy over athleticism, the show occupies a privileged place in the history of women's wrestling.
Doctor on demand: How app culture is reviving the house call
June 23, 2017 Then a family friend suggested an app called Heal that could use new technology to drum up a relic from the past: doctors who make house calls. Once upon a time, a visit with the doctor meant welcoming one into your home, rather than heading out to a ...
Salma Hayek shines in the culture-clash drama "Beatriz at Dinner"
June 23, 2017 This image released by the Sundance Institute shows Salma Hayek in a scene from "Beatriz at Dinner," a film by Miguel Arteta.
Pop Culture Happy Hour: 'GLOW' And Lena Waithe
June 23, 2017 This week's episode of Pop Culture Happy Hour coincides exactly with Netflix's release of GLOW, a 10-episode TV series starring Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin and Marc Maron.
Why people think this woman can fix the bro culture at Uber
June 22, 2017 NEW DELHI: Uber CEO Travis Kalanick's unceremonious ouster due to scandals and toxic work culture leaves the company board with a limited choice to find his replacement—someone who is seen as humane and morally upright.
For The Culture: Migos Update Fans On Upcoming Album
June 19, 2017 If it isn't broke, don't fix it. After Migos' second studio album, Culture went platinum in Apr. 2017, it seems that the trap trio is looking to keep the fire lit with another project.
Quavo Confirms Migos' 'Culture 2' Album is Coming Soon
June 19, 2017 Earlier this year, the Atlanta trio known as Migos released their second studio album, Culture, to much fanfare. With successful singles and becoming the first Migos' album to hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, it appears the group is ready to ...
Portugal's culture comes to Hartsdale
June 18, 2017 The smells, sounds and tastes of Portugal took over Ridge Road Park in Hartsdale Sunday during the annual Portuguese-American Cultural Heritage Celebration.
Quavo Says Migos' "Culture 2" Is Coming Soon
June 18, 2017 Atlanta, GA - Migos won't be waiting long to release a sequel to Culture. During a show last week, Quavo unveiled the trio's plans to drop Culture 2 in the near future.
Migos Say Culture 2 “Dropping Soon”
June 18, 2017 Migos–who, since the release of the record, have been on songs with not only Katy Perry but also Sean Paul–performed recently on Future's “Nobody Safe Tour.
The Normalization of Conspiracy Culture
June 17, 2017 Donald Trump may be the most famous conspiracy theorist in America, but a close second is the Infowars talk-radio personality Alex Jones, who has made a name for himself spewing reprehensible theories. He claimed the Sandy Hook Elementary School ...
Quavo Says New Migos Album 'Culture 2′ Coming Soon
June 17, 2017 Now they're looking to keep up the momentum. A couple days ago, while Migos were performing, Quavo let fans know Culture 2 is coming soon.
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