Oscars Break Record with 774 New Member Invites, Including Jordan Peele & Gal Gadot
June 28, 2017 From the Actors branch we've got folks like Riz Ahmed, Gal Gadot, Rebecca Ferguson, John Cho, Terry Crews, Warwick Davis, Donald Glover, Adam Driver, Priyanka Chopra, Armie Hammer, Jon Hamm, Naomie Harris, Dwayne Johnson, Keegan-Michael ...
Volvo will use NVIDIA's supercomputer to power its self-driving cars in 2021
June 26, 2017 Nvidia announced its third automotive partnership this year as it looks to beat competitors like Intel in the race to power self-driving cars. Nvidia will install its Drive PX supercomputer system in Volvo cars by 2021, Nvidia CEO and founder Jensen ...
Carson Wentz wasn't in NFL top 100, but where did he rank overall?
June 26, 2017 The NFL concluded their top 100 players list on Monday night. It was no surprise that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was listed as the top player this year. Related. Eagles QB Carson Wentz selected as MVP candidate by NFL.com.
Metal drum strikes cars in 'chaotic' M23 incident
June 26, 2017 After finding its way onto the southbound carriageway, it hit a beige Volkswagen Passat causing one of its tyres to blow out. A black Volvo XC 90 was its next victim, having smashed through the central reservation onto the northbound carriageway.
Evil Russian geniuses created a fidget spinner out of cars
June 23, 2017 The fidget spinner trend is getting bigger and bigger and shows no sign of stopping. It has gotten so big, in fact, that people are no longer satisfied with handheld versions, and are creating the toys out of much larger materials to appease their ...
Russians make a fidget spinner out of... cars?
June 23, 2017 2017's bizarre fidget spinner obsession just got even weirder. Russian daredevils took this year's top toy trend to a new extreme by engineering a spinner made out of three old cars. A YouTube video uploaded last week by Гараж 54 shows a team working ...
The ultimate fidget spinner is just three cars fused together
June 22, 2017 In a cloud of smoke the three-car fidget spinner finally gets moving although it's not quite as graceful as the toy. The crazy creation does manage to spin around a disused car park in ever-increasing circles.
Russians Turn Three Cars Into A Giant Fidget Spinner
June 21, 2017 If the youth haven't told you lately—it's not cool to talk to adults, after all—little devices called “fidget spinners” are all the rage right now. And because it's a sensation that's sweeping more than just this nation, our friends from the land of ...
Daniel Day-Lewis, ator vencedor de três Oscars, anuncia aposentadoria
June 20, 2017 Daniel Day-Lewis, ator que foi indicado cinco vezes ao Oscar de Melhor Ator e que levou o prêmio em três dessas ocasiões, anunciou hoje através de um representante, que está encerrado a sua carreira como ator. Leslee Dart, porta-voz de Day-Lewis, ...
Meet Russian fidget spinner made of three Lada cars
June 20, 2017 Bloggers from Novosibirsk created an automotive spinner, constructed out of three old Lada 2109 cars welded together. Each car has its back-half missing, but they still function, with a driver sitting behind each steering wheel.
Miles Teller Shows the Scars of War in 'Thank You For Your Service' Trailer (Video)
June 20, 2017 After earning an Oscar nomination for his screenplay for “American Sniper,” Jason Hall is making his directorial debut with DreamWorks' “Thank You For Your Service,” a war film starring Miles Teller as an Iraq War veteran dealing with post-traumatic ...
Portugal forest fire – Four kids among 62 dead as victims burn to death in their cars escaping blaze 'sparked by ...
June 19, 2017 DEVASTATING wildfires in Portugal have left at least 62 dead with many victims burning to death inside their cars. Four children were among the killed as it was revealed that motors were engulfed by flames on roads running through forest areas in ...
'Cars 3' speeds to No. 1, Tupac biopic nets strong debut
June 18, 2017 Jackie Neil says in a statement on behalf of her family that Tim Hague died on Sunday. The 33-year-old Hague, who grew up on a farm in Boyle, Alta.
'Mummy' Leads Overseas; 'Wonder Woman' Cuffs $573M+ WW; 'Cars', 'Despicable Me' 3s Hit International Box Office
June 18, 2017 UPDATE, WRITETHRU: There were multiple moving parts at this weekend's international box office, including the debut of two animated threequels (Cars 3 & Despicable Me 3) and the return of The Mummy - leading in its sophomore offshore frame and ...
62 dead in central Portugal wildfires; many killed in cars
June 18, 2017 AVELAR, Portugal (AP) - Raging forest fires in central Portugal killed at least 62 people, many of them trapped in their cars as flames swept over a road, in what the prime minister on Sunday called "the biggest tragedy" the country has experienced in ...
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