Thousands fill streets of Capitol Hill for 2018 Seattle Women's March
January 20, 2018
Setbacks on Capitol Hill threaten immigration deal
January 16, 2018
Trump FISA tweet puts Capitol Hill in a tizzy
January 11, 2018
Meet Louise Linton, the Blonde Bombshell Who's Stirring Up Controversy on Capitol Hill
June 19, 2017 Steven Mnuchin, Trump's millionaire Secretary of the Treasury, is engaged to Louise Linton, the Scottish actress and model who grew up in a castle in Dalkeith, Scotland—which she says was “definitely haunted,” perhaps by Mary Queen of Scots—and has ...
Scalise, correspondent, two Capitol Hill Police officers among the wounded in shooting
June 14, 2017 House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was fielding ground balls near second base on the baseball diamond Wednesday, making him one of the first targets for the gunman who attempted a murderous rampage Wednesday.
A Coming-Together on Capitol Hill
June 14, 2017 It's not because congressional Democrats and Republicans don't still have their differences, even on matters like gun control and domestic security, both of which were raised by lawmakers after Wednesday morning's shooting of a congressman and several ...
Congressmen credit Capitol Hill police for 'heroic behavior' at baseball shooting
June 14, 2017 WASHINGTON - Republican lawmakers who survived the rampage at an early morning baseball practice say it would have been a massacre if not for a pair of Capitol Hill police officers.
What to expect next after James Comey's testimony on Capitol Hill
June 9, 2017 The House Intelligence Committee is also seeking Comey's memos -– but wants to also hear from Comey's associates given his testimony, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif.
Former FBI Director Comey Testifies On Capitol Hill
June 8, 2017 In highly anticipated testimony, Former FBI Director James Comey appears before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, a month after being fired by President Donald Trump.
Live updates: Former FBI Director James Comey testifies on Capitol Hill
June 8, 2017 In his first public appearance since having been fired by President Trump last month, former FBI Director James Comey returns to Capitol Hill to deliver his highly anticipated testimony about his conversations with the president regarding the FBI's ...
A look at James Comey's memorable moments on Capitol Hill
June 8, 2017 WASHINGTON - James Comey's appearance Thursday before the Senate intelligence committee, during which he's expected to describe his encounters with President Donald Trump in the weeks before he was fired as FBI director, is one of the most ...