Curt Schilling Calls BuzzFeed 'Lying Ass Cowards' for Alex Jones Coverage
June 16, 2017 Curt Schilling isn't pleased with BuzzFeed's coverage of Alex Jones. The former Boston Red Sox pitcher and outspoken conservative took to Twitter on Friday to criticize a BuzzFeed story centering on Megyn Kelly's upcoming NBC News interview with theĀ ...
Amanda Seyfried's Dress Has A Little Something Special - BuzzFeed
May 20, 2017 Last night, the cast of Showtime's upcoming Twin Peaks revival flashed their smiles for the camera at the show's LA premiere.
Buzzfeed Gets Nudist Facts Wrong in Defense of Rob Quist
May 15, 2017 A Buzzfeed defense of Montana Democrat Rob Quist's numerous performances at an Idaho nudist resort is riddled with factual errors.
25 Of The Most Ridiculous Moments Of Eurovision 2017 - BuzzFeed
May 13, 2017 1. The fact that Eurovision's theme this year is "CELEBRATE DIVERSITY" but the hosts were three white men. And the two on the right clearly forgot to mentionĀ ...
Tucker Carlson vs. BuzzFeed's Ben Smith: How Many Pro-Trump People Work On Your Staff?
May 4, 2017 Tucker Carlson and BuzzFeed's Ben Smith face off on bias in the newsroom, BuzzFeed reporters triggered by a Justin Bieber comment, how many reporters at BuzzFed are Trump voters and more on the Wednesday broadcast of Tucker Carlson Tonight.
Tucker Carlson Wants BuzzFeed's Editor-In-Chief To Tell Him How Many Trump Voters Are On His Staff
May 3, 2017 TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): It's not just New York, and Washington, and LA. It's specifically liberal counties, it's specifically places that voted for Hillary Clinton.
Twitter's new video plan includes partnerships with BuzzFeed, Live Nation and others
May 2, 2017 In its quest to reinvent itself as a hub for video, Twitter this week announced a swath of partnerships with sports leagues and media companies.
BuzzFeed vs. Trump - The Verge
February 7, 2017 BuzzFeed News pushes further than its competitors. Can it handle the consequences?