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TV Ratings: Resurrection, Madam Secretary, Revenge, CSI, Brooklyn Nine-Nine
September 29, 2014 Once Upon a Time TV show season 4 Sunday, September 28, 2014 ratings — New episodes: The Simpsons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Family Guy, Once Upon a Time, Resurrection, Revenge, CSI, Madam Secretary, 60 Minutes, and The Good Wife. Sports: ...
Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Three Big Issues -- Vulture
February 4, 2014 Brooklyn Nine-Nine is flying high right now. It won two Golden Globes a few weeks ago — best actor in a comedy for Andy Samberg, and best comedy — and is still basking in the glow of a post–New Girl post–Super Bowl slot that brought in almost 15 ...
Brooklyn Nine-Nine isn’t TV’s best comedy—but it’s getting there · TV Review · The A.V. Club
February 3, 2014 Still, when the cast and producers of Brooklyn Nine-Nine took the stage to accept the Globes' top TV comedy prize last month—beating out the previous year's winner, Girls, and the well-decorated likes of Parks And Recreation, The Big Bang Theory, and ...
Joe Theismann on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ (Video)
February 3, 2014 Fox aired a special episode of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” following last night's Super Bowl. Joe Theismann made an appearance, and spoke about the experience in a commentary on the show's Web site. “I'm a big fan of 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine,'” said Theisman.
Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Operation: Broken Feather: Moneyball mayhem
February 3, 2014 But "New Girl" managed to do an episode about Prince where the main characters also got a lot to do, and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" welcomed a whole lot of guest stars — the biggest of them kept out of the promos as a surprise — but managed to weave them ...
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: “Operation: Broken Feather” · TV Club · The A.V. Club
February 3, 2014 Welcome to the big leagues, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. As the selection to follow the post-Super Bowl New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine arguably has more to gain from its plum spot. That show already has its loyal fanbase. New eyeballs are never a bad thing, but ...
‘New Girl’, ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Super Bowl episodes: Prince confirmed, lots of guest stars - Zap2it
January 13, 2014 "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" will include a "Saturday Night Live" reunion as Fred Armisen returns to guest star once again, along with Super Bowl-winning quarter back Joe Theismann. Jake (Andy Samberg) and Amy (Melissa Fumero) try to get to the bottom of a ...
Samberg’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Wins Golden Globe
January 13, 2014 The FOX comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” stunned Hollywood watchers and audiences with their Golden Globe win Sunday night. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” which has suffered from middling ratings, may have gotten new life itself with its Globe wins as best TV ...
Golden Globes 2014: what is Brooklyn Nine-Nine and how did it win two awards? - Telegraph
January 13, 2014 Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been on the air since September, on Fox, and at just 12 episodes of age it has already won as many Golden Globes as Breaking Bad has after five seasons. It's also rumoured to have been close to cancellation. As bizarre decisions ...
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: why did it do so well at the Golden Globes?
January 12, 2014 Having averaged roughly 3.8 million viewers an episode, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a hugely unknown quantity for most. No one was tipping it to beat 2013 winner Girls, which enjoys significant critical acclaim; perpetual underdog Parks and Recreation; ...
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Pulls An Upset And Wins Best Comedy TV Series At The 2014 Golden Globes!
January 12, 2014 Wow!! No wonder Tina Fey just had a Michael Bay moment, because we're also speechless! Rookie TV series Brooklyn Nine-Nine pulled off yet another shocking win at the 2014 Golden Globes as they won the award for Best TV Series Comedy or Musical!
Golden Globes 2014: Shocked Andy Samberg wins for ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ - Zap2it
January 12, 2014 You aren't going to find Andy Samberg at a loss for words very often. But it happened at the 2014 Golden Globes, when he beat out fellow nominees (and huge names) Michael J. Fox, Jim Parsons, Jason Bateman, and Don Cheadle for Best Actor -- TV Series, ...
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: "Pontiac Bandit" · The A.V. Club
January 7, 2014 Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns from its winter hiatus with the sheen of its Golden Globe nominations. The show itself got a best comedy/musical nod, and Andy Samberg can now forever be known as “Golden Globe nominee” in the best comedic actor category.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: “Christmas” · The A.V. Club
December 3, 2013 Is it Christmas already? Didn't we just have Thanksgiving? Because of the late Turkey Time this year, the two holidays are bumping up against each other in TV world where big things happen around all major holidays and apparently nothing happens during ...
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