Whistleblower in Brazil meat scandal takes on powerful industry
March 24, 2017 Brazilian health inspector and whistleblower of the investigation, dubbed 'Operation Weak Flesh,' Daniel Gouveia Teixeira, poses for picture in Brasilia, Brazil, March 22, 2017.
Commodities: Brazilian scandal flames steaks
March 24, 2017 April cattle futures exploded this week to the highest level in more than a year, nearing $1.23 per pound. The price rally is a welcome relief for ranchers who have seen prices rise over 25 percent from bankruptcy-inducing levels under $1 per pound ...
Brazil Meat Scandal Creates Opening for Competitors
March 24, 2017 Brazil's tainted-meat scandal is driving up cattle prices and creating an opening for competitors in the U.S. and elsewhere that have struggled to match the South American nation's low production costs.
Paulinho hat trick helps Brazil extend lead; Lionel Messi goal lifts Argentina
March 23, 2017 James celeb vs. Bolivia James Rodriguez scored as Colombia escaped Baranquilla with a win. Colombia needed a late James Rodriguez goal to beat a resolute Bolivia 1-0 in Baranquilla.
Another woman dies from Brazilian butt lift at Miami clinic
March 19, 2017 Ranika Hall's mother, Nicole, and her siblings, urged her not to move forward with the procedure, which proved deadly. (GoFundMe).
Small Brazil city on edge after man dies from yellow fever
March 18, 2017 Ahealth worker vaccinates a baby against yellow fever in a field hospital in Casimiro de Abreu, Brazil, Friday, March 17, 2017. The small city in the state of Rio de Janeiro is on high alert after authorities confirmed the death of one man from yellow ...
Manchester United bring in ex-Brazil scout Paulo Henrique Xavier despite his recent Selecao dismissal
March 16, 2017 Manchester United have added former Brazil FA scout Paulo Henrique Xavier despite the fact he was among several staff sacked by his country in February following the Under 20s failure to qualify for the World Championships.
Mar & Terra bets on Brazilian farmed fish's growing popularity in the US
March 15, 2017 In 2016, the firm processed a total of 2,860 metric tons of whole fish, including tilapia, Bokel said. In 2017, it has outsourced tilapia production and processing to a third party and it will increase its production of local species to 2,660 tons of ...
Tilapia Skin is Being Used in Brazil as Bandage Treatment for Burns
March 13, 2017 Dr. Edmar Maciel, who is a plastic surgeon, president of the Burns Support Institute, and burn specialist leading the clinical trials with tilapia skin, had attended Josue in his treatment. And despite the unusual nature of the bandage, Josue was ...
Brazil bottle-job Thiago Silva is the worst captain ever after Barcelona no-show
March 9, 2017 The Paris Saint-Germain captain might not have been at the very epicentre of the earthquake that shook the French champions at Camp Nou as they disintegrated pitifully during a record-breaking 6-1 loss to Barcelona, but he was certainly one of those ...
March 6, 2017 Dr. Edmar Maciel is the Brazilian doctor behind a series of clinical trials using tilapia skin on burn victims. President of the Burns Support Institute in Fortaleza, Maciel is testing the popular fish skin on second- and third-degree burns.
Why this Brazilian city uses tilapia fish skin to treat burn victims
March 3, 2017 FORTAZELA, Brazil - In this historic city by the sea in northeast Brazil, burn patients look as if they've emerged from the waves.
PHOTOS: Scenes from 2017 Carnival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
March 1, 2017 The geek-com is currently in its 10th season; securing an 11th and 12th depends on actresses Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch negotiating a new contract that would increase their earnings - and the original cast members have offered to take pay cuts to ...
Horizon Zero Dawn: 3D Art “Made in Brazil"
February 28, 2017 The Diorama division, specialized in 3D art production for AAA games, is Kokku's area responsible for the project in partnership with Guerilla Games, developer of Horizon Zero Dawn. The project consumed over 60,000 hours of work of a 20 people team of ...
Brazil senate confirms Temer's choice for Supreme Court vacancy
February 22, 2017 Candice Wiggins, who played in the WNBA for the New York Liberty - among other teams, told the San Diego Union-Tribune this week that she was bullied by other players in the league for not being a lesbian.
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