Ash Wednesday "Ashes to Go" in Little Rock
February 14, 2018
Church offers ashes to go on Ash Wednesday
February 13, 2018
No time for church? Ashes To Go offers speedy Ash Wednesday option
March 1, 2017 How do you reach busy Minnesotans who may not have time to attend church on Ash Wednesday? You offer “Ashes to Go.” These unlikely ministries are part of a growing trend around the country, bringing a new forum to an ancient Christian tradition.
'Ashes To Go' brings Ash Wednesday out to the public
March 1, 2017 CHESTER-- Episcopalians in towns across northern New Jersey took to the streets Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, to participate in the sixth year of "Ashes to Go.
Too busy for church? Get Ash Wednesday ashes to go
March 1, 2017 As commuters flowed through, Meier led his congregation's first drive-thru Ash Wednesday service, handing out cross necklaces to kids in the back seats.
Local churches offer 'Ashes to Go' on Ash Wednesday
March 1, 2017 Andy Guiler. of Middletown, receives ashes during the Ash Wednesday service at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Middletown, Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015.
Busy On Ash Wednesday? ‘Ashes To Go’ Has You Covered « CBS Detroit
March 5, 2014 DETROIT (WWJ) Every year, millions of people miss out on church services for Ash Wednesday due to the demands of work and other responsibilities. A local church is trying to reach out to the people with the faith, but not the time. La Iglesia Detroit ...
‘Ashes to Go’ brings ancient Ash Wednesday ritual to Sacramento streets - Our Region - The Sacramento Bee
March 5, 2014 People too busy to get to Ash Wednesday church services this week were able to get their Ashes to Go. In Sacramento and cities across the country on Wednesday, clergy took to sidewalks, parks, street corners and transit stops in their pastoral regalia ...
Significance of Lent and Ash Wednesday to Ashes to Go and Saving Money
March 5, 2014 The significance of Lent and Ash Wednesday, is now even easier to observe with the Ashes to Go services and more attractive as an act of faith that can save money. For Christians, Ash Wednesday signifies the beginning of the season of Lent which ...
Too busy for church on Ash Wednesday? New Yorkers can get ‘Ashes To Go’ - NY Daily News
March 4, 2014 In a city that isn't known for its religiosity, Presbyterian pastor Rev. Mieke Vandersall says she's surprised every Ash Wednesday by how many New Yorkers stream through the subways and sidewalks with crosses on their foreheads. “It's a little exposing ...
Modern-day Lent: Ashes to Go
February 13, 2013 Rev. Alexander McCurdy, left, blesses and Rev. Matthew Holcombe, right, sketches the sign of the cross on a parishner who left her car running, jumped out, got ehr ashes andd ran back and drove off. Ashes to Go for real. Wayne Train Station: Several ...
Newark commuters celebrate Ash Wednesday with 'Ashes to Go,' and Cardinal ...
February 22, 2012 Meanwhile, commuters in Newark and other towns across New Jersey received "Ashes to Go" as part of a service offered by priests on the holy day of Ash Wednesday. "Lent is spiritual spring training we get the flab out, we get the sins out," Dolan ...
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