Bills rookie RB Jonathan Williams acquitted of DWI in Arkansas
June 8, 2017 Buffalo Bills running back Jonathan Williams was found not guilty Thursday on two misdemeanor charges relating to an arrest last year for allegedly driving while intoxicated.
PHOTO: Arkansas man claims $100000 prize after buying $5 scratch-off ticket
June 5, 2017 A lucky Arkansas man has claimed a $100,000 jackpot after buying a winning scratch-off ticket. The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery said Jose Sanchez Villasana of Dumas redeemed the winning Joker's Jackpot ticket Monday at lottery headquarters in Little ...
Rewinding LSU's 4-2 win over Arkansas in SEC Baseball Tournament championship
May 28, 2017 Cannon Chadwick in to pitch. Chadwick walked Coomes on a 3-2 pitch, forcing in the first run. Josh Alberius, the fourth pitcher of the inning, in for Arkansas.
LSU holds off Arkansas to win SEC Baseball Tournament -
May 28, 2017 LSU faced Arkansas in the SEC Baseball Tournament 2017 championship.
Lawsuit: Arkansas man died after jail denied medical help
May 26, 2017 Denis Johnson, the prize-winning author best known for the classic story collection "Jesus' Son," has died at age 67.
NFL Hall of Famer, Arkansas-native Cortez Kennedy has died
May 23, 2017 Public Information Officer Sgt. Wanda Miglio says "at this time there is nothing suspicious to report but we are conducting an investigation regarding his unattended passing.
Arkansas offensive line coach Kurt Anderson has a warning for any guys in rompers
May 16, 2017 This dude romper, frequently referred to as the RompHim, is the sort of thing that seems destined to force people to draw some lines in the sand.
Arkansas offensive line coach Kurt Anderson has a warning for any guys in rompers
May 16, 2017 One of the most underrated aspects of Cam Newton is his ability to begin trends that threaten to rip our society in two. First, it was The Dab, which Newton popularized among sports fans, who either made it their go-to move or despised it to their core ...
Arkansas o-line coach Kurt Anderson will 'throat jab you' for wearing male rompers
May 16, 2017 When you're looking for fashion tips, the offensive line coach of a SEC football team would seemingly be pretty far down your list of people to consult.
Travis Scott Arrested For Inciting A Riot During A Show In Arkansas
May 14, 2017 Uh-oh! On the same day that news broke about Travis Scott going exclusive with Kylie Jenner, the star had a not-so-good run-in with the law in Rogers, Arkansas, and it led to his arrest!
Travis Scott arrested after Arkansas concert
May 14, 2017 Rapper Travis Scott, Jenner's newest beau, was arrested at his concert in Arkansas Saturday night for inciting a riot, TMZ reports.
Travis Scott's Arkansas show branded a 'riot' by police
May 14, 2017 Travis Scott's Arkansas show branded a 'riot' by police. Travis Scott's show in Rogers, Arkansas, was so boisterous that it was branded a riot by cops and he was arrested.
Tulsa woman finds 2.65-carat diamond at Arkansas diamond park
May 11, 2017 They wanted to see what they could of the Betty Shelby trial. "I took off work all day today," said Hutchinson. Like so many others Wednesday, those hopes were quickly crushed.
Arkansas OK Medicaid plan dropping some recipients, requiring others to work
May 3, 2017 North Lake College is in Irving, about 10 miles west of Dallas, and is part of the Dallas County Community College District.
(With video) Hail splatters South Arkansas as region gets about 2 inches of rainfall
April 30, 2017 Major tornado damage was reported in Canton, TX, where at least five people were killed and dozens injured. At 3:30 a.m.
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