CVS, Starbucks Highlight America's Love-Hate Relationship with Sugar
April 21, 2017 We've come a long way from the soda fountain: Drugstore giant CVS announced Thursday it's cutting back on candy in favor of healthy food.
Oprah, Henrietta Lacks family screen 'Immortal Life' at African American History Museum
April 20, 2017 On Saturday, HBO will premiere its film “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks,” based on the 2010 book of the same name, and starring Oprah Winfrey as Deborah Lacks, Henrietta's daughter.
More Americans Than Ever Want Marijuana Legalized
April 20, 2017 April 20 - or 4/20 - is a day to celebrate cannabis culture. And this year, a new report shows a record-number of Americans want to honor the marijuana's annual day by legalizing it throughout the United States.
Morning Movers: Philip Morris Flops, Starbucks Gains, American Express Soars
April 20, 2017 S&P 500 futures have risen 0.3%, while Dow Jones Industrial Average futures have advanced 0.2%. Nasdaq Composite futures have gained 0.4%.
75-Year-Old Vet Acquitted of Illegally Hanging American Flag at VA Facility
April 20, 2017 A 75-year-old U.S. Army veteran has been acquitted for the "crime" of illegally posting an American flag on the fence of a Los Angeles VA facility.
Ann Coulter: Your Choice — A Green America or a Brown America
April 19, 2017 In celebration of Earth Day this Saturday, let's review how the Sierra Club sold its soul and screwed the Earth for a $100 million donation.
Crisis in Venezuela: Can Trump 'lead from behind' in Latin America?
April 19, 2017 If the US chooses to weigh in against Venezuela's antidemocratic spiral, analysts say the model for action is cooperation with its neighbors, a possible template for US action on other crises that pose less national-security risk than North Korea or Iran.
Barry Manilow, Chita Rivera, Vanessa Williams, and LaChanze sing at Concert for America
April 19, 2017 Barry Manilow whipped the crowd at New York's venerable Town Hall into a frenzy on Tuesday night when he crooned a medley of his hits, including “I Write the Songs,” “Looks Like We Made It,” and, of course, “Copacabana.
Review: 'An American in Paris' is pure dance magic at ASU Gammage
April 19, 2017 If you're a ballet lover, you need to beg, borrow or steal, whatever it takes, to get tickets to “An American in Paris” at ASU Gammage. And if you don't like ballet … um, are you sure? Because this show just might make a convert of you. Based on the ...
H1B visas to most skilled only: Full text of Trump's 'Hire American' order
April 18, 2017 H1B visas to most skilled only: Full text of Trump's 'Hire American' order. Here is the full text of the executive order signed by President Donald Trump.
How America got fleeced by TurboTax
April 18, 2017 Fortunately for us, companies like Intuit and H&R Block provide services and software like TurboTax to make the process more comprehensible.
Democrats Give Up on Rural America in Favor of Wealthy Suburbs
April 18, 2017 Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff speaks to supporters as he runs for Georgia's 6th Congressional District on April 17, 2017 in Roswell, Ga.
AZ Memo: Tax Day dining deals, info; how Hamilton hazing case started; Trump's 'Hire American' order; getting warmer ...
April 18, 2017 In 1925, the first Woman's World's Fair, an eight-day event, opened in Chicago. In 1934, the first laundromat was opened by John F. Cantrell in Fort Worth, Texas; the "Washateria," as it was called, rented four electric washing machines to the public ...
Americans' Feelings About Paying Taxes Have Changed. Here's How
April 18, 2017 On Tuesday, as Americans face the deadline for income tax payment, those who have to pay up may take comfort in the fact that they are not the first to feel the pinch.
Adolf Hitler learned eugenics from American sterilisation camps, says historian
April 18, 2017 Adolf Hitler learned about eugenics from sterilisation clinics in America, according to a renowned academic. Yale University historian Daniel Kevles, who has recently retired, made the astonishing claim in reference to a string of genetics laboratories ...
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