Salvador Dali disliked sex and was unlikely to have fathered a child in an affair
June 27, 2017 According to his own accounts artist Salvador Dali was not a fan of sexual congress. He once said “I tried sex once with a woman and it was (his wife) Gala.
Kate Beckinsale stokes unlikely affair in The Only Living Boy in New York trailer
June 19, 2017 Webb, who found success earlier this year as his Chris Evans/Jenny Slate drama Gifted earned $28.8 million (on a $7 million budget) at the worldwide box office, previously directed two films based on Marcel Comics characters: 2012's The Amazing ...
ICC Champions Trophy 2017: Pakistan cricket's relationship with it's fans is like a toxic love affair
June 13, 2017 How can you forget performances like the one against India in this Champions Trophy? It's almost as if they fail to turn up at the ground on such days.
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