Warriors parade makes BART's top 5 busiest days in ridership history
June 16, 2017 OAKLAND (KRON) - The Warriors parade Thursday wasn't just a historical day for the city of Oakland. BART officials are reporting ridership numbers of historical measures: BART carried more than half a million trips on Thursday - 518,744 to be exact ...
Warriors parade reminds Cavaliers of a quick and painful end to the season-- Bud Shaw's Spinoffs
June 16, 2017 CLEVELAND, Ohio - Draymond Green answered LeBron James "Ultimate Warrior" shirt from a year ago with a "Quickie" shirt featuring the Larry O'Brien trophy and patterned after the Quicken Loans logo.
2017 NBA Champion Warriors parade: Highlights, speeches, and more!
June 16, 2017 No longer the young, “lucky,” plunky team of 2015, the Warriors have matured into the best team in the league, if not the best team in all of league history.
As Crews Clean Up After Warriors Parade, Dub Nation Continues Celebration
June 16, 2017 Cleaning up after more than a million people is quite the tall task, and city workers in Oakland were still at it late Thursday night after the Warriors championship parade and rally downtown. Some in Dub Nation, however, didn't want the special day to ...
Warriors Parade: Green livens up otherwise tame title celebration
June 15, 2017 The Warriors threw a second parade title celebration in three years. The weather was great. The rally, planted on the south side of Lake Merritt, was in an ideal setting.
Warriors Parade: Green livens up otherwise tame title celebration
June 15, 2017 The Warriors threw a second parade title celebration in three years. The weather was great. The rally, planted on the south side of Lake Merritt, was in an ideal setting.
Gary's Word: Warriors parade
June 15, 2017 SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) - If you don't win, of course, none of this great day happens. There is something about the Golden State Warriors, though, that makes you think you are supporting a group of decent individuals. Leadership is not about yelling and ...
Kevin Durant posts footage from 'cloud nine' during Warriors parade
June 15, 2017 Kevin Durant delivered a truly marvelous moment to the masses by posting a YouTube video of his ride along the Warriors parade Thursday. KD's cooler-than-cool demeanor through much of Golden State's procession belied an extreme case of euphoria, ...
Warriors parade spawns championship-caliber memes
June 15, 2017 http://www.sfgate.com/warriors/article/Warriors-parade-spawns-championship-caliber-memes-11223483.php. Warriors parade spawns championship-caliber memes. By Eric Ting, SFGATE. Updated 4:00 pm, Thursday, June 15, 2017. The best memes from ...
Was the crowd at the Warriors parade really bigger than the audience at Trump's inauguration?
June 15, 2017 There were quite a lot of people in Oakland Thursday morning, in case you hadn't noticed. The city of Oakland estimated more than 1 million people would come out to the East Bay for the massive parade celebrating the Warriors' NBA Finals win, and based ...
Warriors Parade Replay: Dub Nation Locks In to Celebrate Another Championship
June 15, 2017 If you missed out on the Warriors Championship Parade or want to relive the celebration, we got you covered. Watch highlights of players celebrating with Dub Nation and the team's rally in Oakland below: Klay Thompson and Matt Barnes Celebrate With Dub ...
Warriors parade: KD's coronation
June 15, 2017 “I was just trying to take it all in,” Durant said as he got off the bus at Oakland's Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center for the post-parade ceremony. “Wanted to celebrate the championship.” “We just happy, man. Happy we're part of this moment. Happy we ...
Who needs phones? Zaza Pachulia is recording the Warriors parade on his camcorder
June 15, 2017 Zaza Pachulia knows you don't need expensive technology to capture memories for a lifetime. Much like your dad, Pachulia brought his camcorder to the Warriors victory parade on Thursday. Cameras caught him with the hand-held camcorder, panning over ...
Photos: A million swarm the Warriors parade
June 15, 2017 OAKLAND - A sea of blue-and-gold-clad fans have lined the streets in Oakland to celebrate the Golden Warriors victory parade - the second time in three years the Bay Area will celebrate its team. People are showing team pride with new Warrior-style ...
Warriors Parade: Zaza's camcorder, Mike Brown's wallet chain among funniest moments
June 15, 2017 The Warriors and an estimated 1.5 million of their fans flocked to the streets of downtown Oakland on Thursday to celebrate Golden State's 2017 NBA championship.
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