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The Weather Channel Has Arrived in Houston to Watch Tropical ...
June 21, 2017 Houston may not be at the heart of Tropical Storm Cindy—but that hasn't stopped The Weather Channel from setting up shop right in the middle of town.
What Happens If U.S. Backs Out of Paris Climate Agreement?
May 31, 2017 What happens if the U.S. drops out of the Paris Climate Agreement? Scientists take a look. Outlook if U.S. Quits Climate Deal.
US hurricane center chief going back to The Weather Channel
March 21, 2017 Knabb left a previous stint as The Weather Channel's tropical weather expert to become chief of the U.S. government's hurricane forecasting hub.
The Weather Channel Sends Out Defelategate Joke In Super Bowl Sunday Alert
February 5, 2017 Everyone gets in on the fun for Super Bowl Sunday, and it appears that The Weather Channel joined the action Sunday in advance of Super Bowl LI. The Atlanta-based company sent out an alert Sunday morning that seemed to take a not-so-subtle jab at the ...
Co-Founder of The Weather Channel: Global Warming Is a Complete Hoax
October 27, 2014 John Coleman, meteorologist and co-founder of The Weather Channel, told Megyn Kelly tonight that he doesn't believe global warming is real and laughed out loud at anyone who buys into what Al Gore is selling. Coleman recently wrote an open letter ...
Why Is The Weather Channel Mocking Mitt Romney?
October 27, 2014 When one thinks about the media, the Weather Channel probably doesn't come to mind as a primary source of liberal media bias. Strangely enough, on Monday the Weather Channel proved it can be just as bad as the liberals over on MSNBC. Appearing on ...
There’s a mutual admiration society at The Weather Channel - Roanoke Times: Life
May 9, 2014 “If there's one person at The Weather Channel that you would think would have an ego or a big head, it would be Jim,” said Prociv. “But that couldn't be further from the truth. He's a kind, passionate weather nerd. If he has the opportunity to do good ...
The Weather Channel (for Android) Review & Rating
April 30, 2014 The Weather Channel has built a media empire reporting on what's happening in the sky—and on stirring us up with breathless reporting. It's easily the biggest name in the weather biz, but its self-titled Android app (free) needs a bit more focus to be ...
Mike Bettes and the Tornado Track: How To Follow The Weather Channel Team - weather.com
April 27, 2014 The Weather Channel meteorologist Mike Bettes and his crew have returned to the Plains to forecast and report severe weather as part of the 2014 Tornado Track. Each time severe weather flares up this tornado season, Bettes will check the conditions and ...
Review: The Weather Channel’s New iPhone App Is Gorgeously Vertical - TIME
April 24, 2014 I took a look at The Weather Channel's free mobile app for iOS back in May 2012, just after the company overhauled and streamlined its interface, adding visual elegance to functionality and helpful swipe gestures to complement button tapping. The only ...
Managing “Jim Cantore” Risk: Why CPOs Should Have the Weather Channel On In Their Offices « Spend Matters
January 28, 2014 If your cable lineup is like the one at our house, CNBC is sandwiched between the Weather Channel and CNN. Perhaps that is very fitting, as today we have unprecedented coverage of natural disasters. We live in a remarkable age where we truly live in an ...
The Weather Channel Saves Lives: Former CEO Gersh: Video - Bloomberg
January 22, 2014 22 (Bloomberg) -- Former Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia CEO Lisa Gersh discusses the fight between DirecTV and The Weather Channel on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg). Please enable JavaScript to view the comments ...
The Weather Channel In Open Letter To DirecTV: You Really Oughta Waive Fees For Your Customers Who Want To Flee - Deadline.com
January 21, 2014 Weather Channel DirecTV On a day when a blizzard blanketed a large chunk of the country in snow and ice, there's a new offensive in the carriage war between DirecTV and the Weather Channel. As the blackout continued during the whiteout, TWC has fired ...
The Science Behind Naming Winter Storms at The Weather Channel - weather.com Janus Still Affecting East Coast
January 21, 2014 The process of evaluating the potential to name a storm begins with the daily hemispheric map briefing among the Global Forecast Center's team of meteorologists at The Weather Channel. (MORE: Why The Weather Channel Names Winter Storms).
Waiting for Snow With the Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore (Photos)
January 21, 2014 By 10 AM the first flakes had begun falling on Washington, but an hour earlier, the Weather Channel's Jim Cantore, posted near the Capitol building, was getting frustrated. The storm was supposed to have begun. He locked his eyes on a cloudy but dry ...
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