Dark Souls 2 PC requirements won’t slay your hardware
March 10, 2014 Now correct me if I'm wrong, but Dark Souls has never been the prettiest of games. It's always looked good enough, with the gameplay being the most important part of the package. Crazy, I know, but that's the kind of game Dark Souls is. And the sequel ...
Everything you need to know before playing Dark Souls 2 - GameSpot
March 9, 2014 Dark Souls II launches next week, and From Software's follow-up to surprise hit Dark Souls looks set to be just as intricate as untangling a set of earphones that have been sitting in your pocket for a week. Even more daunting: If you're a player ...
Dark Souls II and Titanfall - New Releases - New Releases - GameSpot
March 9, 2014 Dark Souls II and Titanfall - New Releases. Posted by Mary Kish | Mar. 9, 2014 10:00am. This week on New Releases we get Dark Souls 2 and Titanfall, but don't forget about Towerfall Ascension and Yoshi's New Island! 22 Comments · Shares · Tweets · +1.
Dark Souls 2 PC requirements revealed -- Can you run it? - GameSpot
March 7, 2014 Namco Bandai has revealed the minimum and recommended system requirements for the PC version of upcoming role-playing game Dark Souls II. The game launches April 25, and From Software has promised that it will include "increased texture ...
Dark Souls 2 PC release date set for April 25, includes improved textures and frame rate
March 6, 2014 Prepare your soul for destruction: the sequel to the all-consuming Dark Souls will arrive on PC on April 25. On the one hand, praise the sun! On the other, grrr, that's six weeks after the US console launch date of March 11. Those of us hoping to plumb ...
Dark Souls 2 PC release date confirmed for April 25, prologue trailer released
March 6, 2014 If pre-ordered on Steam, customers will get a digital soundtrack and the early access to the Black Armour Weapon Set, the Official Dark Souls 2 Artbook in PDF format and The complete Dark Souls 2 Digital Comic Book written by Rob Williams and Andi ...
News Snatch: Dark Souls II, Space Jam And Fallout 4
February 20, 2014 Loads to catch up with today on account of me being on holiday (i.e. spending all day playing Killzone Shadow Fall) for the start of this week. First up is a trailer for Poison who will feature in Ultra Street Fighter IV, nothing to do with the ace ...
Steam Holiday Sale day 8: Hotline Miami, DMC, Dark Souls, Gone Home [update]
December 26, 2013 Update: Our comments point out that the prices for today's deals have changed since they were initially posted on Steam. We've updated this post with the current prices. Take a moment to enjoy the fact that you've made it a week into this year's Steam ...
Dark Souls, Bastion and more added to Steam flash sales
July 11, 2013 Dark Souls, Bastion and more added to Steam flash sales. The Steam Summer Sale is eight hours old, and you know what that means – new flash sale,s the first community choice discount, and even more reasons to abuse your poor, innocent credit card.
Dark Souls, or The Hero with a Thousand Pointless Faces
October 11, 2011 I was toying with the Deprived class, the game's Joe the Plumber perfect average, but he starts out wearing leather butt floss (he's described, not flatteringly, as an "unclothed enigma"). Since this is one of those game where the camera spends 99 ...
Games Inbox: Saints Row massacre, Dark Souls visuals, and Atlus in the UK
August 4, 2011 Saints Row: The Third crushed in the rush? I think the Christmas rush this year is gonna have a large casualty and I think it's gonna be THQ, they have Saints Row: The Third, which I love but with AAAs dropping all month is one that's gonna get lost ...
Dark Souls PS3, Xbox 360 pre-order sales spike
May 13, 2011 s Playstation 3 and Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 spiked at retailer Amazon.com Inc. post announcement of the sequel. This week, the Dark Souls PS3 SKU held a 3900 percent sales increase to rank at No. 3 in Amazon's Video Games division. ...
Dark Souls Collector's Edition pre-order incentive detailed
May 12, 2011 During Namco Bandai's Level Up event the publisher announced a rather compelling incentive for those who pre-order From Software's dark and dangerous dungeon crawler Dark Souls, in the form of the Dark Souls Collector's Edition. ...
PSN Problems Make Trouble for Dark Souls Devs
May 12, 2011 From Software has admitted that Sony's ongoing issues with the PlayStation Network have proven slightly problematic for the development of Dark Souls, the spiritual successor to its notoriously hard action RPG, Demon's Souls. ...
PSN Outage 'Has Impacted Dark Souls Development'
May 12, 2011 At Namco's Level Up event in Dubai Dark Souls producer Kei Horono admitted that the PSN down time has affected progress on the game. "It has impacted us and held the team back a bit," Horono said. "But we will be out in early October. ...
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