Games Inbox: Giving Persona 5 a try, Dark Souls retrospective, and Alpha Protocol redux
March 29, 2017 I'm absolutely delighted by your Persona 5 review! It didn't make much of a difference to me, since unless the game was an absolute failure in every department (which I knew it wouldn't be because it was already well received in Japan) I was going to ...
Games Inbox: Remembering Dark Souls, Destiny 2 exclusives, and more backlog horror stories
March 28, 2017 Am I the only one that's finding it hard to get too excited about Destiny 2? Like another reader said recently I had a completely different idea of what the game was going to be before release, and while I did ultimately enjoy what Bungie offered up I ...
Dark Souls 3 gets PS4 Pro support in next patch
March 21, 2017 We'll see what kind of impact PS4 Pro support has on Dark Souls 3 when the patch goes live March 24 in anticipation of the release of The Ringed City add-on.
Dark Souls 3 NEWS: Update 1.1 patch notes contain good news for PS4 Pro players
March 21, 2017 DARK Souls 3 is about to get a PS4 Pro makeover, as From Software takes the servers offline for update 1.1 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.
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