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Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried Nude Photos Stolen, Posted on 4Chan
March 15, 2017 A data dump that's frighteningly reminiscent of that scandal is currently taking place on the same site, this time involving actresses Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried. According to Buzzfeed, stolen photos of both women began to appear on 4Chan message ...
White Supremacists Are Harassing Shia LaBeouf On 4chan & Reddit
January 27, 2017 Shia LaBeouf was arrested this week after getting into a scuffle with someone at his anti-Trump installation at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, and it seems the incident may have been the result of a concerted effort to disrupt LaBeouf's project.
4chan Trolling Shia LaBeouf's Anti-Trump Livestream
January 23, 2017 Former A-list actor and current crazy person, Shia LeBeouf has set up what he hopes will be a four year long livestream to protest Trump.
4chan Trolling Shia LaBeouf's Anti-Trump Livestream
January 23, 2017 Former A-list actor and current crazy person, Shia LeBeouf has set up what he hopes will be a four year long livestream to protest Trump.
4chan thread under federal investigation after Oregon college shooting
October 1, 2015 Federal authorities are looking into a suspect thread on the anonymous message board 4chan that appears to include someone with similar intentions to today's unnamed shooter that killed at least 10 people in Oregon, according to The New York Times.
4chan Hacker Threatens To Leak 200,000 Nude Snapchat Photos : Home : Jobs & Hire
October 11, 2014 A 4chan user and hacker has announced that thousands of nude photos stolen from Snapchat users will be released on Sunday Oct. 12th to a searchable database. The massive leak, which has been christened "The Snappening" by 4chan users, is expected ...
200,000 Snapchat Photos and Videos Leaked to 4Chan
October 11, 2014 Meanwhile, 4Chan users have apparently begun building a database of the leaked photos that is searchable by name. Just as the recent leak of celebrity nude photos was dubbed "The Fappening," 4Channers are calling this leak "The Snappening."
Images of naked Snapchat users reportedly hacked and posted to 4chan
October 11, 2014 More stolen pics of naked people on the internet? Yes, following the infamous "fappening", where images of nude celebrities were dumped onto the net, more explicit snaps have been reportedly posted to 4chan, this time of Snapchat users. This has been ...
Do you use Snapchat? Hackers have exposed 100,000 images on 4Chan
October 10, 2014 Remember that photo you sent through Snapchat that supposedly vanished seconds after being viewed. Well, apparently it didn't vanish. Oops. A huge trove of Snapchat images and videos were reportedly exposed online on Friday. People who used ...
4chan Claims 100,000 Snapchat Photos Has Been Hacked
October 10, 2014 One third-party application that has the ability to send and receive Snapc hat photos is Snapsave, and many 4chan users believe that this application was the one that was hacked. These 4chan posts claim that Snapsave's cloud storage database contains ...
Updated: 200,000 photos shared via Snapchat released on 4chan - Salon.com
October 10, 2014 Update: An anonymous user on 4chan, who is claiming to be the perpetrator, is now stating that no photos will be released, according to Mashable. Around 200,000 photos plus video messages sent via Snapchat were reportedly hacked and some were ...
Snapchat: 4chan user claims thousands of nude pictures will be leaked in the Snappening
October 10, 2014 Nude pictures have already been shared online and more have been threatened to be released by an anonymous user of the 4chan online message board. Users of the site have dubbed the leaking of the explicit pictures the 'Snappening' and it follows their ...
The Snappening: 4chan user threatens to leak hacked nude Snapchat pics
October 10, 2014 An anonymous user on internet cesspool 4chan is threatening to release over 200,000 hacked nude Snapchat images this Sunday, October 12th. According to International Business Times, the imminent leak, nicknamed “The Snappening,” is being widely ...
200,000 Snapchat Photos Stolen, Leaked Onto Same Website From Nude Celeb Hack ‘4chan’ « CBS San Francisco
October 10, 2014 4chan users are warning the photos will be leaked online in a database that's searchable by Snapchat username. It's already being dubbed as “The Snappening,” and could be bigger than the hacks that targeted celebrities. Snapchat, created by three ...
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