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2Pac and Biggie's Old Freestyle Session Gets Resurrected for 'Overkill' [LISTEN]
June 17, 2017 In celebration of what would have been Tupac Shakur's 46th birthday (June 16), hitmakers the J.U.S.T.I.C.E League released a lyrics video featuring two of hip-hop's late icons 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G's “Freestyle at the Table” audio over their stellar ...
50 Cent Calls 2Pac Biopic 'All Eyez on Me' Trash: 'Catch That Sh*t on a Fire Stick'
June 16, 2017 Earlier today, Jada Pinkett-Smith hopped on Twitter to share her disappointment in the portrayal of her friendship with 2Pac in All Eyez on Me, the new biopic on 'Pac's life that hit theaters today. "My relationship to Pac is too precious to me for the ...
'All Eyez on Me' Is a Great 2Pac Impersonation, but Not a Great Movie
June 16, 2017 All Eyez on Me, the new Tupac Shakur biopic directed by Benny Boom, is heavy-handed and runs about 45 minutes too long. The movie unfolds in a brutally linear succession of expository set pieces - from Pac's Black Panther parental origins all the way ...
Happy Birthday 2Pac!
June 16, 2017 It's 2Pac Shakur's birthday, so let's celebrate the man who helped pioneer the culture into what it is today. Whether you listen to his music or not, Pac's influence can be felt throughout the hip-hop community, and his memory remains celebrated by ...
These News Anchors Paid Tribute to 2Pac By Rapping His Lyrics on Live TV
June 16, 2017 While most 2Pac fans will be celebrating his birthday and legacy by hitting theaters to see Demetrius Shipp, Jr. portray 'Pac in All Eyez On Me, Fred Blankenship and Mark Arum linked up once again to pay homage by working numerous 2Pac lyrics into ...
2Pac Is All Of Us, Happy Birthday Tupac Shakur.
June 16, 2017 But his behavior was a product of him not wanting us to know the real 2Pac; articulate, artsy, having a love of literature and being an emotional creature.
'All Eyez On Me' Leaves Out Some Major 2Pac Stories
June 16, 2017 The Manhattan screening of All Eyez On Me, one week before the film's debut, has an eerie tinge. This viewing for media and tastemakers is taking place at Magno Screening Room, a facility located just three doors down from Quad Recording Studios, where ...
2Pac “All Eyez On Me” Biopic Star Keith Robinson On Benny Boom Criticism: “He's Been Doing TV & Film For Years”
June 16, 2017 [With the long-awaited All Eyez On Me film finally in theaters, actor Keith Robinson, who plays 2Pac's manager, talks to SOHH about his experience in the must-see movie, getting attached to the project early on and working with director Benny Boom.
All Eyez On 2pac: The rap legend's 20 best songs
June 16, 2017 The amazing sample rules the day on this tune. But “Holler If Ya Hear Me” remains one of 2pac's most memorable phrases and came at a time when the rap star was putting his harsh words towards the government and police trying to hold African Americans ...
Hollywood Finally Realized How to Make Money Off 2Pac's Life
June 16, 2017 Revolutionary. Fly guy. Lover of women. Accused rapist. West Coast G. East Coast marked man. Provocateur. Poet. Martyr. Over the course of his conflict-filled 25 years on earth, before being snuffed out by a spray of assassin's bullets on a Las Vegas ...
Producer LT Sutton Says John Singleton Wanted to Defame 2Pac in 'All Eyez on Me'
June 15, 2017 All Eyez on Me producer L.T. Hutton appeared on The Breakfast Club Wednesday alongside director Benny Boom to discuss John Singleton's short involvement with the project.
Hip-Hop Will Never Truly Move on From 2Pac
June 15, 2017 There's a new Tupac Shakur biopic, All Eyez on Me, in theaters on Friday. There are two high-profile 2Pac documentaries in the works, one a six-part A&E Biography series, Who Killed Tupac?
John Singleton Reportedly Wanted 2Pac To Get Raped In His Version Of The Rapper's Biopic (VIDEO)
June 14, 2017 (AllHipHop News) John Singleton was once attached as the director of a movie about Tupac Shakur's life. The Poetic Justice creator was eventually removed from the director's chair, and Benny Boom was tapped to take over the Pac project which is being ...
A Conversation With Keith Robinson On The 2Pac 'All Eyez On Me' Biopic, 'Saints & Sinners' & His Music Career
June 13, 2017 (AllHipHop Features) Throughout his two-decade career in show business, Keith Robinson has built a connection with the public through roles in popular motion pictures like Dreamgirls, This Christmas, and Get On Up.
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