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SEATTLE — With its purchase of Nokia's phone business, Microsoft is taking inspiration from Apple's way of making products, bringing hardware and software under a single roof where they can be more elegantly woven together.
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Clint Eastwood je legenda! Tento herec, režisér a producent je dvojnásobným držitelem Oscara, nikoliv však za hlavní roli, ale za režii. Narodil se 31. května 1930 v San Franciscu, nedávno oslavil své sedmaosmdesáté narozeniny. Jeho otec pracoval jako ...
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A step toward a new possible treatment for leukemia, one that uses patients' own immune cells to target and destroy cancer is getting a lot of media attention. It should be noted, however, that the therapy, however promising, has been tested in only ...
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The news this week that Microsoft is buying a major part of Nokia had many people lamenting the end of the Nokia brand in the mobile space, but as we dive into the details of the press release we see a glimmer of hope for future Nokia-branded smartphones.
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Microsoft and Nokia already had a cross-patent-licensing deal in place, dating back to the two companies' original agreement via which Nokia went all-in on Windows Phone in 2011. I asked Microsoft officials for more details on what was covered by this ...
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