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Chima Enyia did not tell anyone that the state of Illinois would commemorate Biafra Memorial Day on May 30 until the ink from Governor Bruce Rauner's pen was dry.
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"Lol Memorial Day or happy 'lemme post another picture of myself and get attention' day," posted another. "Not an appropriate pic for Memorial Day," one wrote.
WASHINGTON (ABC7) - Has the holiday meant to honor the lives of American service members lost in defense of their country come to mean something else?
Legend has it, the Great Wall of China can be seen from space. "The Great Wall" opens with that long shot from orbit, zooming in, swooping over computer-generated Asian landscapes.
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The Great Wall poster From a young age, we're told not to judge a book by its cover. After all, it may end up being the best story we've ever read.
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The Bombsquad from Washburn and the Storm from TNT Little League played one of the better games of the Little League baseball season. Washburn took to the big field at C.W. Gose Memorial Park at the plate to begin the game and their offense stalled, ...
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According to the listing, Dylan will perform at the tiny Camden venue on 18 June at 8pm - but there's no information on tickets yet. Gigwise has reached out to Bob Dylan's label for comment. When a Twitter user reached out to the venue though, they ...
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BY RONALD WADE > 314-340-8229 The noise and plant destruction by millions of cicadas is about to begin in the St. Louis area, staff writer Matthew Hathaway reports. The 13-year cicadas will be emerging from their stasis pods ...
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