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Arts and humanities senior Alex Bissell participates in Columbus Day Protest Oct. 13, 2014, at the Beaumont Tower. The North American Indigenous Students Organization protested from the Beaumont Tower to The Rock on Farm Lane. Aerika Williams/The ...
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Mayor Bill de Blasio got a hero's welcome over the summer in Italy — but when he marched up Fifth Avenue for the Columbus Day Parade on Monday, he was treated just like any other politician. Light applause and a scattering of boos greeted the mayor ...
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The 49ers' fierce goal-line stand in which the defense thwarted seven straight plays from its 3-yard line and closer was impressive. Mike Purcell, Eric Reid, Shayne Skov and others deserve praise for the grit they showed in that area. But the stand ...
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As Lockette, the injured Seahawks receiver and special-teams ace, tried to pump life into the crowd, his teammates on Seattle's kickoff coverage group looked up from the field, just before the opening kickoff, and formed an “L” with their hands. It was ...
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