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Bestselling author Suzanne Somers' new cookbook, "The Sexy Forever Recipe Bible", serves up more than 400 recipes she says are delicious, healthy and are speciallyl designed to detox your system and lose those love handles. Somers' big break was as the ...
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Joining a diverse cross section of celebrities (Hugh Jackman, Billy Crystal, Suzanne Somers) who, over the years, have come to Broadway to talk or sing or dance their way through their autobiographies, Shatner arrives for a one-man show at the Music ...
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Adrienne Bailon, 30, kicked her feud with Kim Kardashian, 33, up a notch on July 31, when she took to her Instagram to post a long and pointed message dissing the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star. Adrienne seems to be criticizing Kim for achieving ...
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It all started during a routine scan of my friend Olivia's wardrobe the other week. All of a sudden, I spied a fur like none I'd seen before.
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Netflix, Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:NFLX). Last Market Price: $116.01, Change +20.97, % Change (22.06%). Shares trade in the range of $112.06 $119.37 dollars. It has a market capitalization of 6.43B dollars, making it a and has 55.40M outstanding shares.
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Myles Garrett is proving he isn't afraid of straying away from the cookie cutter statements we are use to hearing and reading from draft eligible players.
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ESPN NFL analyst Field Yates isn't exactly equivalent to the 225 pounds that Myles Garrett bench pressed 33 times at the NFL Combine last month, but he's not exactly a 20-pound dumbbell, either.
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The European Commission President wants President Donald Trump to stay out of Brexit negotiations, warning that if he doesn't, he will advocate for a secession within the United States.
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