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Democratic presidential debate viewers who went online Sunday night seemed to put one candidate on top. Bernie Sanders was the most-searched Democratic candidate on Google during the debate, which was carried by NBC News and on YouTube, ...
In the last Democratic debate before 2016 voting starts, the battle lines were drawn between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in their increasingly close primary fight. Meanwhile, Martin O'Malley just wanted 10 seconds to speak. Here are six ...
Whatever Nick Jonas has been doing to promote his current single “Jealous” and upcoming eponymous album (due out November 11), it's working. And by “whatever he's been doing,” we mean we know exactly what he's been up to — which is stripping off in ...
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After seeing Nick Jonas' recent provocative photo shoot for Flaunt magazine, it got us thinking: After pulling a Marky Mark (see above), who else do we want the clearly now-adult pop star and his -- errrr, ummm -- hot bod to imitate? There are plenty ...
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La vida de esta matemática de 98 años ha sido llevada a la gran pantalla de la mano de la actriz Taraji P. Henson, quien encarna a Johnson en la película Figuras ocultas. Pero más allá de esta interpretación, detrás de la verdadera Katherine Johnson se ...
The movie Hidden Figures is its own inspirational story, tracking the unsung work of NASA employees Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn and Mary Jackson, who made it possible for John Glenn to be the first American in orbit.