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It's National Cheeseburger Day, and Dog Haus is offering its new mini cheeseburger for free at all of its locations until 5 p.m. Wednesday. Though there are several competing claims about who invented the first cheeseburger, one story attributes it to ...
UPDATE 8:45 PM EST: Earlier reporting included law enforcement reports of 20 fatalities. However, the latest official police statement says there are only 19 confirmed so far.
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Oh go on then, if you insist. There aren't many world leaders I could bear to look at without a shirt and I suppose the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, is near the top of the list. Pictures of a young Trudeau, leaning against a window sill ...
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Neil Patrick Harris plays a traveling salesman, who catches the eyes of the twins on American Horror Story: Freakshow. His character's name is Chester. The first episode he's on is called "Magical Thinking" and the synopsis reads: Elsa prepares for her ...
After hearing about condemned inmate Richard Ramirez's death Friday morning, San Francisco police Chief Greg Suhr said he felt happy he was gone, reflecting on how the mass murderer had terrorized communities in the Bay Area and Southern California ...
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Richard Ramirez, the serial killer known as “the Night Stalker” who terrorized Los Angeles County and was convicted in 1989 of 13 murders, died Friday, California corrections officials said. He was 53. Mr. Ramirez died of natural causes at a hospital ...
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While severe, the flooding downstream from the ruptured dam was not as major as what occurred in Houston throughout Monday night. Torrents of heavy rain battered the Houston area throughout much of Monday night with the heaviest rain focusing on the ...
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Rather than become a free agent, CC Sabathia agreed to a new deal with the New York Yankees that adds an additional season and $30 million in guaranteed money, bringing the left-hander's total over the next five years to $122 million. ...
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Josh Turner rose the highest at the near post to head Matt Townley's well aimed long throw over keeper Kyle Phillips Paulton responded by sending a handful of shots in the direction of goalkeeper Sam Hutchings but none posed any real threat. ...
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Dungannon look odds on to secure a Europa League play-off place following an emphatic 4-0 victory over Carrick Rangers at Stangmore Park on Saturday.
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COLOGNE, Germany - Kerem Demirbay scored in the third minute of injury time to send Hoffenheim to the Europa League at least with a 1-1 draw at Cologne in the Bundesliga on Friday.
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ROY — Children at the Southwest Branch of the Weber County Library got their sea legs under them for International Talk Like a Pirate Day on Friday with the help of Captain Lefty. Captain Lefty, a.k.a. Elias Caress., a magician and variety entertainer ...
But this day, this day be a shore leave, too. International Speak Like a Scurvy Pirate Day be gainin' momentum, mostly due to social media's massive cravin' fer people look like absolute idiots. On 'tis day, we get to sound like an idiot, too. 'Tis ...